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Stranger Things 4 Crosses 1 Billion Viewing Hours!!


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Stranger Things Season 4, the Netflix original series has eclipsed the milestone of 1 billion hours viewed. This series is the second most popular title and the overall streaming service ever released.

Stranger Things 4 Has 1.15 Billion Viewed On First 28 Days

The Stranger Things Season 4 was released last week and watched for a record of 1.15 billion hours. This is right behind the very popular, Squid Game. Based on the records, Squid Game was viewed for a record of 1.65 billion hours in just 28 days right after its release, encompassing both the parts of Stranger Things season.

It’s undoubtedly sure that Stranger Things will continue to pile up even more viewing hours making it top-ranked through July 28 and finally, gain the potential to surpass the record of Squid Game.

Stranger Things 4 Crosses 1 Billion Viewing Hours!!

The first seven episodes of Stranger Things gained about 930.32 million viewing hours in the first 28 days of its release. But the eight and nine episodes hit a mass record of 301.28 million viewing hours in total in just a short period from June 27 to July 3.

The latest records show that, if the viewing hours of Stranger Things go like this, then it will surely break the record of the Korean blockbuster. 

The Stranger Things 4, with a long runtime, already made it more popular and it favored the show. The run time of 778 minutes is much longer, which is 60 percent higher than that of Squid Game. This really helped the series to have more hours in just a single season. The latest release is nearly twice as long as the first season.

The second thing that helped the series hit the viewing record is that the last episode was released in two separate seasons which is quite lengthy.

Netflix Is Now Racking The Viewing Hours Of Show

In general, Netflix allows only 28 days from the release of movies and series watch hours to count the all-time popularity rankings. But the same Netflix holds a different rule for the movies and series released in two separate volumes for their latest episodes. Stranger Things was one that launched the latest episode in two separate lengthy volumes. 

Apart from summing up the viewing hours in the first 28 days of the release, which is the one done for Squid Game, Netflix is now racking up the viewing hours of Stranger Things in a total of 56 days. All the first season episodes were counted in 28 days, and the viewing of the two episodes of the final season is getting counted for 28 days counting from the day of the release, which was on Friday.

For years, Netflix was holding strict plans regarding its viewership. Beau Willimon, the creator of House of Cards, made the original programming of Netflix right on the map, and once the company said that the viewership metrics will never share with him. 

For the last two episodes of Stranger Things, Netflix has opened up, and it become much more popular. Netflix then added a ranking option of top-trending to the shows that helped the viewers understand the most popular titles streaming on Netflix. 



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