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Billie Eilish Discusses The ‘Exhausting’ Symptoms Of Tourette’s That Most People Unaware!!



Billie Eilish, a rising star in the world of pop music, is utilizing her platform to open up about the struggles she has experienced on a personal level. The new series on Netflix features interviews with various celebrities, including Julia Louis-Dreyfus, Will Smith, Ryan Reynolds, and Kevin Durant, amongst others, and it is currently accessible to stream.

Billie Eilish Discusses Tourette’s Symptoms

During the in-depth conversation, she also discussed her meteoric ascent to fame and her music. Eilish, who has Tourette’s Syndrome, said, “So many people have it, you’d never know.” When asked by Letterman if talking about her illness made it worse, Eilish responded that it did not aggravate the condition she was already in. 

Billie Eilish Discusses Tourette's Symptoms

She finds it enjoyable to respond to inquiries about it because of its fascinating nature. And the whole thing is leaving her feeling very confused. No, she does not have a firm grasp on it.

Billie Eilish continued by saying that she suffered from “mild” tics when she was younger. Even though she was exhausted, she continued by saying that despite this, she had “made friends with it now. “Recently, Eilish announced a live stream performance in anticipation of her European and UK “Happier Than Ever” tour. 

Eilish and her brother and frequent collaborator Finneas will perform songs from Eilish’s most recent record and her upcoming debut album, When They All Fall Asleep, Where Do They Go? intimately at the headquarters of Deutsche Telekom in Germany.

Eilish responded that it was “wonderful” for her to be reunited with her European followers after a long time when she was asked about the show. Billie is known for being one of the most inspirational artists of our generation. You may watch the concert via MagentaTV, MagentaMusik, and the Telekom Electronic Beat TikTok Channel, which will be shown live across Europe at a select number of nightclubs and public events. 

In addition, Eilish is scheduled to perform as the headlining act at Worthy Farm’s Glastonbury festival in June. She had no intention of discussing the issue, but she ended up doing so anyway due to a shift in the lighting. This was unexpected behavior on her part.

“If you record me for a long time, you’ll see a lot of tics,” she added. “If you tape me for a short time, you won’t see any.” She couldn’t care less about anything. Strangely, she hasn’t mentioned it once in all this time. The fact that most people are unaware of how common the ailment is contributes to its humor. 

According to the opinions of several artists, she has struggled with Tourette’s disorder ever since she was a child. She found it very interesting that she will not evict them because they do not wish to discuss the matter.

In reaction to this, Letterman, being the empathic host, said, pray to God that what we’ve done didn’t make this worse. She honestly genuinely enjoys answering questions about it because it’s so incredibly interesting,” Eilish stated of the topic of the queries. They are the kinds of things that you wouldn’t pay attention to if all we did was have a conversation. Because of that, she’s made some new friends. 

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