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One Tree Hill’s Bevin Prince Husband William Friend, Dead At 33 After Being Struck By Lightning


Near Masonboro Island, One Tree Hill’s star, Bevin Prince’s husband, William Friend, was found dead after getting hit by lightning. The Bisnow CEO, 33, was sailing on a boat in North Carolina when he was struck by lightning on Sunday at around 3 pm.

During the regular patrol, the civilians informed the New Hanover County Sheriff’s Marine Department and Willington’s Marine Unit, who unanimously responded and identified later that the dead is the American fitness instructor’s husband.

William Friend Struck By Lightning While In A Boat

However, Friend was initially not dead and underwent 20 minutes of rescue service, but while aiding him with the CPR, he breathed his last. The 33-year-old was then rushed to the hospital for the family to have the last sighting of their dear Friend.

The safety reporters have stated that the early death of the actress’ husband is an example of the threat waiting ahead for the ones going to the waters while the climate does not favor it.

One Tree Hill's Bevin Prince Husband William Friend, Dead At 33 After Being Struck By Lightning

During a thunderstorm, it is even deadly to be present near the waters, with no shelter, added John Jensenius. He also stated that many might misunderstand that the metal coating of their boats may protect them from the lighting, and explained that lightning sometimes enters the metallic covering of the boat, and the shielding shall be destroyed forever and if it is a roofless boat, then the danger multiplies.

After the guy was hit, the safety team was determined to rescue anyone wondering for help under the same condition on Sunday.

Unfortunately, since the boat was ashore, the captains in that area who were trying to help people from the storm, could not reach Friend, who was struggling. 

It is true and examined that most of the lighting dangers occur in beach areas, as they are shelterless moist places. Jensenius also put light on the fact that anyone can be easily exposed to lighting when they are at the beach and it is a thousand times better to avoid such situations.

The National Lighting Safety Council has informed that Friend is the third person to lose their precious life due to lighting in the year 2022 in the United States. Nevertheless, the most emotional fact that disturbs the minds of Friend’s family and pals is that he was nearing his 34th birthday this week and the person is no more. 

Amid the pandemic of Covid- 19, the couple moved from New York to Wilmington but did not anticipate such a tragic attack to occur in the middle. The American actress, 39, and her husband, 33, celebrated their sixth and last wedding anniversary together in May.


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