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Better Call Saul Season 6 Theory: What To Expect, Is Kim Wexler Waiting In Nebraska?



Better Call Saul’s flashbacks to Kim Wexler’s early years support a couple of speculations concerning Saul Goodman’s post-Breaking Bad life as Gene Takavic. Jimmy and Kim put the finishing touches on their plan to defame Howard Hamlin (Patrick Fabian) in Better Call Saul season 6, episode 6 Axe and Grind. The episode begins with a flashback to Kim’s early years, when she was caught shoplifting in such a neighborhood store, more to her mother.

Is Kim Wexler Waiting In Nebraska?

It’s quickly discovered that this is all a part of a rip-off through Kim’s mom, who manages to steal a few earrings for her daughter. It’s the identical earring that Kim’s carrying whilst she turns her car around to finish her and Jimmy’s Casimiro plan. However, hidden in the information of this series are clues that possibly imply wherein Gene’s existence could be heading. 

Better Call Saul Season 6 Theory

Kim’s relationship with her mom provides additional layers to her dating with Jimmy. Like her mom, Jimmy is a grifter, but as her mom points out to the shop manager, Kim is a straight-A scholar who constantly has her head in a book. It’s Kim’s intelligence that has allowed her to become a more challenging con artist than her mom and Jimmy, who’s a low-stage scammer at this point in his transition to Breaking Bad’s Saul Goodman.

In the prior episode, Black and Blue, Kim advises Jimmy that he is aware of what is coming next, proving that she’s the real brains of the operation. This is also emphasized in the final scenes of Axe and Grind, when she races back to Albuquerque to keep her plan on track.

The final scene cleverly bookends the entire flashback. After correctly talking her daughter out of trouble, Kim’s mom pulls out of the car park. As she does so, the digital camera lingers on the vehicle’s number plate, which originated in the state of Nebraska. This factor has significant implications with her and Jimmy’s post-Breaking Bad future.

Kim has formerly said that she grew up in a small metropolis in Nebraska. The number plate reminds visitors of this, suggesting that Kim and Jimmy might also reunite in Omaha. This additionally provides the means to fugitive Saul Goodman’s perception that great-case scenario, I’m coping with a Cinnabon in Omaha. As Omaha is placed within the nation of Nebraska, this great case should be discussed with the slender opportunity that he runs into Kim again. 

It is revealed through Gene Takavic’s flash-forwards on Better Call Saul that he is living a lonely life. He truly desires to live in Omaha. However, is it due to the fact he is bored with running, or due to the fact he is hoping to see Kim again? Given his love for her and Kim’s position in inspiring Saul Goodman’s starting place story, it might be a fitting ending to their testimonies in the event that they reunited.

The persistence of the Nebraska number plate at the start of Better Call Saul season 6, episode 6 Axe and Grind is intentional. By the episode’s end, Kim’s destiny is sealed. If she had the long past to fulfill Clifford Main as planned, she might have had conceivable deniability. Now that she’s headed back to Albuquerque, she’s doomed to be implicated in the scheme’s viable fallout. Her mom and the registration code advise that a go back to low-stage scamming in Nebraska is in Kim’s destiny, following disbarment for scamming Howard.

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