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Deborah James, BBC Host, Written Emotional ‘Goodbye’ Message Revealing That She Is Entering Hospice Care!!


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This is a heartbreaking account from Deborah James, who has been dealing with her health for quite some time now. Deborah James, the TV actress battling stage four colon cancer, has written a poignant letter to her fans to express her gratitude. 

Dorah’s Body Has Failed To React To The Treatment Applied To It:

The BBC podcaster claims that her body is still refusing to respond to treatment over five years after being diagnosed with cancer. The 40-year-old radio personality from the United Kingdom announced on Monday that she had been placed in hospice care following a protracted battle with colon cancer. 

BBC Host Deborah James Pens Emotional 'Goodbye' Message

Everything they’ve tried has failed in their attempts to coerce my body into cooperating. “James got things started. She is now receiving hospice care at home, with her family by her side, and the emphasis is on ensuring that she is not in discomfort while still enjoying her time with her loved ones. 

She went on to add the following: “Although no one knows how much longer she will be able to live, she is unable to walk and spends the majority of her days in bed, and most of the things she used to take for granted are now nothing more than dreams. 

She is convinced that they have covered all the bases, and she is right. No matter how many innovative cancer medicines are created or what fantastic discovery is made, her body will be unable to continue functioning at its current level for much longer. 

Her heart is filled with so much love. If anything helps her get through this, she is hoping it will be that something! A particular favorite charity was the Bowelbabe Fund, a goal that she stated she had always intended. To achieve something before she passed away.

Even though they’ve done everything to help Deborah, her body is “simply not cooperating.” Her body has been uncooperative despite their best efforts. According to the media celebrity, no one knows how long she will be able to function in her current state. 

No one can tell her how much longer she has left, but the truth is that most of the things she had taken for granted are nothing more than pipe dreams at this point.

Fans contributed R11 million in just 24 hours, surpassing the previous record. In December 2016, Deborah, an activist against cancer, was diagnosed with stage four bowel cancer, and she has been battling the disease ever since, according to the Daily Mail. Since the onset of her condition, there had been warnings that she might not live to be more than five years old.

The 40-year-old woman is married and the mother of two sons. Hugo, 14 years old, and Eloise, 12 years old, are the children of her husband Sebastien, and they live with her as a family.

When she tweeted her statement and urged fans to donate, she received about £600,000 (R11.9 million) in less than 24 hours.

She wrote the following in part: Although it seems unbelievable, the fact that she had no indications of cancer in my body seems impossible (and she hasn’t processed it yet, for various reasons). Especially when you consider that she once had 15 tumors!” 

She stated: that even though she is ecstatic, her feet are firmly planted. Believing in the power of thankfulness and doing things one step at a time are two important principles to remember.

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