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Net WorthAll You Need To Know About Anderson Cooper Net...

All You Need To Know About Anderson Cooper Net Worth, Career, Bio!


The American broadcast industry is at a great height today with the amazing contribution of Anderson Cooper. Today, he is one of the star commentators on CNN News.

But the starting phase of his career was not simple. Cooper is now the first choice for any new broadcasting event on the CNN Network.

Anderson Cooper Net Worth, Career, Personal Life!

He received multiple honors, recognitions, and awards for several risky news, which Anderson provided to the audience. The incredible reporter never considered any situation a hurdle in his path.

Moreover, it is reflected in his unbelievable success in the field. About 50 million dollars is the recent estimated figures for Cooper’s net worth.

It is time to share details about Cooper’s net worth, early life, and career beginnings. The professional life of this great achiever will be very exciting for all the followers of Cooper.

Furthermore, the budding journalists who consider Anderson Cooper their idol will feel more inspired after reading this content.

Anderson Cooper Net Worth, Career, Personal Life

Anderson Cooper Net Worth

The present net worth amounts to approximately $50 million. However, his earnings gradually increased from the beginning of his career. His talent was evident as he changed different news brands and finally joined CNN news.

According to reliable sources, his annual salary from the news agencies was $9 million on average. But the figures changed with the change in companies also.

The list of the net worth figures for the past few years is enlisted below for your reference.

  • $20 million in 2018
  • $27 million in 2019
  • $35 million in 2020
  • $45 million in 2021
  • $50 million in 2022

The steady growth in earnings is visible from the above list. It shows how much popularity and recognition Cooper earned from millions of people worldwide. The highest amount being in 2022, you can expect more success in this 54-year-old’s career.

Anderson Cooper Net Worth

Anderson Cooper Early Life

Anderson Cooper comes from United States’ Manhattan and belongs to the Vanderbilt family. His date of birth, as per official records, is 3rd June 1967. He is 54 now.

Cooper’s maternal family background was quite famous among American citizens for being millionaires. His grandparents were thus the real attraction.

Anderson was the child of Gloria Vanderbilt and Wyatt Emory Cooper. However, vague information is available regarding his other siblings.

Cooper was interested in working with different commercial brands as a young model.

However, he changed the whole discipline on reaching his mature days. As a child, Anderson used to go to Dalton School and finally came out as a graduate of Yale University.

Date Of Birth3 June 1967
Age54 years
ProfessionBroadcast Journalist, Political Commentator
Height5 ft 10 in(1.78 m)
Weight70 kg
Net Worth$50 million

Anderson Cooper Career

Anderson Cooper was the selected model for Harper’s Bazaar during his school days. His appearance on their magazine’s cover page caught the attention of many big houses then.

Among the notable names in this list are Ralph Lauren, Ford, and many others. His modeling days were initiated at the tender age of only 11.

The charming boy, however, fell for journalism in his college days. Central Intelligence Agency was his first workplace, where he joined as an intern.

Moreover, people around the globe realized his talent and recognized the great efforts of Cooper after he joined ABC News in 1995. But before that, with the submission of some news to Channel One, he first entered the industry.

But he received a huge response after attaining the anchor post on one of the most famous shows on CNN in 2003. His career with CNN Network, however, started in 2001 only.

In 2016, he took part in different important debates and thus gained a permanent position among the respected journalists of the world.

Anderson Cooper 360 Degrees, news on Hurricane Katrina, and a segment on the Haiti earthquake in 2010 are some of the critical works of this mind-blowing journalist.

Recently, the audience will also enjoy his stunning appearance on a new show titled Parental Guidance. It will be broadcasted on the CNN Plus channel.

Anderson Cooper Personal Life

The journalist cum TV anchor is renowned for being the first gay participant in Presidential debates. He is not shy about his sexual orientation and very confident about handling any complex situation.

Cooper’s ex-boyfriend was Benjamin Maisani. But no news is available about his present relationship status. Wyatt Morgan is his only child with the help of surrogacy.

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Anderson Cooper Real Estate And Other Assets

In 2014, Cooper purchased a remarkable property in Connecticut which bears historical importance. Benjamin was his partner in the acquisition of this estate.

Current reports indicate that he owns another luxurious mansion in Brazil. Furthermore, his present dwelling is in Manhattan, with a value of around $4.2 million.

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Nancy Erin
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