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Who Are Starling Jenkins? And His Relationship With Johny Depp


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When it comes to loyalty, it can be expressed in many innovative forms in the first place. Different types of relationships can get different expressions and shades of loyalty.

Who Are Starling Jenkins And His Relationship

In such a situation, it becomes very important to understand that the live example for the same is none other than Starling Jenkins. 

 Starling Jenkins

Starling Jenkins has been making headlines for a considerable amount of time now. This story has also left everyone teary-eyed.

He has set a different bar level for every person to testify in terms of loyalty and other kinds of relationships.

Who Is Sterling?

Starling Jenkins III is an executive chauffeur and security personnel. He works in the capacity of being a driver and bodyguard for the famous star Johnny Depp.

Jenkins has been a loyal person who has always stood by the side of his master, not in terms of security but also in terms of defense. 

This was evident after his recent testimony in the Court of law in favor of Johnny Depp in a defamation suit. This defamation suit has been filed by none other than Johnny Depp’s wife, Amber Heard. 

Defamation case

In this defamation case, Amber had alleged that Johnny had left no stone unturned to defame her. This was related to the terrible wife that the couple entered into in 2017.

The matter revolved around Amber’s 30th birthday party, at which somehow Depp couldn’t reach on time. The couple had a terrible fight, and since then, they have decided to live separately. 

There have been many controversies that have featured between them in these years. The latest one of that included when Amber alleged Depp for having defamed her by showcasing some personal and

private controversial photographs to some random people. All of this makes Amber feel that her ex-husband is defaming her.


Jenkins was able to bring to the notice of the Court that he had been a witness to the ugly spat between the duo.

Though he was not the right person to judge them, he acknowledged before the Court of law that it was Amber who used to initiate maximum of the fights and stretched them despite the submissive attitude of the Depp.

While Depp always wanted to avoid these fights and reconcile, Amber never seemed interested in doing the same.

Level Of Support

The driver was given a maximum amount of liberty from the Court of law to think of the basic fact that things had to undergo a complete change.

The arguments and the contentions of the driver were accepted in the Court of law, and hence, the judges had reserved their opinions on the same testimony. 

However, attempts were being made by the defendant’s counsel to mitigate the value of the evidence, which was provided by the testimony of the driver.

But the attempts were not successful in the first place as they seemed. Therefore, it is important to understand that the truth wins in the end in such a situation.


All of this has showcased the bond between Depp and his driver. This relationship has exhibited love, care, and strength to the greatest possible extent. 


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