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Alexa Bliss Opens Up About Her Interesting Character Evolution In WWE


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Alexa Bliss recently opened up in-depth about her character pitch in WWE. She always longed to take her person even in a darker way. Alexa joined up with  Ryan Satin on the Out of Character podcast and shared about some crucial parts of her career in WWE.

Before ending up the show, Satin asked Alexa a few rapid-fire questions which were already in the hearts of millions. He dug out everything including her finishing move and how she came up with such a name she holds.

know More Facts About Alexa Bliss And Her Career

Alexa Bliss, the 30-year-old beauty, is one of the well-known and highly talented performers. She did her best with the abilities she hold to bring up her character when she lined up and turned herself with Bray Wyatt in 2020.

Speaking by getting out of character, Alexa unwrapped the secrets that she had planned to start a relationship with Lilly and keep the character even on a darker side by changing the creative plans. She said that she needed to go even deeper and darker. 

Alexa then, unfortunately, reached a bad ending at Extreme Rules 2021. This all happened when the doll was destroyed by Charlotte Flair, which made Alexa take a notable break from WWE as she needed to face serious nose surgery.

Alexa Bliss Opens Up About Her Interesting Character Evolution In WWE

Alexa , the five-time women’s champion then returned to WWE and appeared in various backstage segments. That was the time when she was under her therapy sessions after her surgery. Though she was only covering backstage scenes, she was noted by her fans and was appreciated for coming back to WWE anyway.

She recalled those segments she had gone through and the creative process she tried which was well noted by the audience.

She called that time the real pitch, and the right pitch was hit at the right time. The therapy she underwent was really different as she was taken away at Extreme Rules and came back with a unique version of the Dark Alexa character. She added that things had changed better and it all went jazz.

That time Alexa Bliss had so much fun, and everyone came to know that she love to act and deliver the performance in different aspects. She felt filled with extreme creativity and it was her perfect creative outlet. She was enjoying her best time.

The fun she made at that time even made Alexa look serious to the character she was in. They had a good amount of creative and quality time. She mentioned McMahon, widely known as Vince, who was super awesome. Alexa said that he sat down with her few hours and wrote all her ideas, Then he picked up her vision and gave life to it.

Last night, Alexa appeared on Monday and stated that she want her to be next in line for the all-new Raw Women’s Championship.  



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