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A Man Dressed As An Old Woman Smears Cake On The Mona Lisa’s Glass!


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Mona Lisa was showered with cake by a visitor to the Louvre in Paris on Sunday, according to the Spanish newspaper El Pas. A glass display case protected the artwork of Leonardo da Vinci from destruction.

A Man Dressed As An Old Woman Smears Cake On The Mona Lisa’s Glass!

On Sunday, the art world was astonished to learn that someone had attempted to smear the Mona Lisa with cake. The original Mona Lisa at the Louvre in Paris was attacked by a man dressed as an elderly woman in a wheelchair. Fortunately, a screen of glass protected Leonardo Da Vinci’s masterpiece.

A Man Dressed As An Old Woman Smears Cake On The Mona Lisa's Glass!

Eyewitnesses reported seeing a man in a wheelchair wearing a wig who attacked the victim. He sprang to his feet and walked up to the canvas. In the beginning, he aimed to demolish the case. His first attempt at spreading the cake to the glass panel was unsuccessful, so he flung the cake at the canvas and then spread it there.

Security threw him to the ground after he threw rose petals on the floor. Mona Lisa is seen in the background, with a cake spread out on the glass. As he is brought away by security, the attacker can be seen speaking to the crowd in French.

As stated by promise time, the man reportedly exclaimed, “Some people are attempting to ruin the earth, think of the environment!” when interviewed by Spanish media.

Witnesses said the man dressed up as an elderly woman and traveled about the gallery in a wheelchair before he committed the crime. The individual who snuck the cake into the museum remains a mystery as to why he did it and how he did it.
Security guards hurried to the scene after noticing the individual breaching security in the museum’s most famous chamber.
“Earth is on the minds of both artists and the general public. The earth is on the minds of all artists. The reason I did it was because of this: “Before smearing cake on the painting, the man reportedly exclaimed. “Consider the world,” he continued, according to a translation.
Since its creation between 1503 and 1519, Leonardo Da Vinci’s “The Last Supper” has been a source of controversy, news, and attacks from individuals who are either frustrated, protesting, or wanting to get their fifteen minutes of attention in the spotlight.

One time, a Russian woman attempting to get French citizenship threw a ceramic cup at the picture. The painting’s protective screen was unharmed despite the cup’s shattered bits. The assailant was apprehended almost shortly after the attack in August of 2009.

There were two instances in 1956 where this occurred. The lower portion of the Mona Lisa was damaged by a guy who threw acid at it. A Bolivian painter threw a stone at the canvas at the conclusion of the year, causing minor damage.

There has been a wide range of comments on the internet to the newest news of the attempted destruction of the Mona Lisa. Some are concerned about the safety of visitors visiting the Louvre, while others are joking at the absurdity of the situation.

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