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2022 Us Independence Day Fireworks Light Up Sky In Celebration Of 4th Of July!


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After two years of increase in Covid cases had the globe on edge, Americans are celebrating the fourth of July honors the independence of American colonies from British domination. The day also honors the passage of the Declaration of Independence by the Continental Congress in 1776.

To mark the day, the US also observes a federal holiday on July 4. While the epidemic is not ended yet, there has been a relative improvement in the situation with the increase in vaccine coverage.

2022 Us Independence Day Fireworks Light Up Sky In Celebration Of 4th Of July!

The celebrations on July 4 or the Fourth of July trace back to the 18th century when the Declaration of Independence was adopted. The celebrations had been characterized initially by bell ringing, bonfires, and processions – modeled on King Geroge III’s birthday, according to Encyclopedia Britannica.

2022 Us Independence Day Fireworks Light Up Sky In Celebration Of 4th Of July!

But this changed with time. Many cities began performing fake funerals for the king, marking the death of monarchy and the rebirth of liberty.
Independence Day comes at a time when the U.S. is roiled by hearings on the Jan. 6 uprising, wallowing in upheaval over high court rulings on abortion and weapons, and trying to maintain the common links that keep it together.

Yet many nevertheless see cause to celebrate: The pandemic continues to be on the wane and, despite its imperfections, America’s democracy survives.

“I think many of us are feeling confused about celebrating 4th of July right now,” obstacle race champion and attorney Amelia Boone tweeted as the week gave way to the long holiday weekend.

Fireworks flare in honor of the Independence Day holiday over Citizens Bank Park after a sporting event between Philadelphia Phillies and St. Louis Cardinals in Philadelphia.

That attitude is no doubt shared by millions who on Monday will be commemorating the nation’s 246th birthday and the anniversary of freedom from English domination.

Huntington Beach’s 4th of July events, City of Bellair of Independence Procession & Festival, and Delaware Fireworks and parade are among the prominent parades organized on this day.

It’s a day for taking off work, swarming to parades, munching hot dogs and burgers at backyard barbecues, and gathering under a canopy of stars and exploding fireworks – in many cases for the first time in three years amid relaxing coronavirus safeguards.

To the surprise of citizens like Steven Williams, Baltimore will be celebrating Independence Day for the first time in two years this year.

“I used to go up there every year,” he says. then all of a sudden it slowed down,” Williams said on WBAL. “It’s been a while since I’ve seen them.”

From New York to Seattle to Chicago to Dallas, the night sky will be illuminated by colorful displays large and small. Many people in drought-stricken and wildfire-prone parts of the West will not take advantage of these new technologies.

Because of supply-chain challenges, residents of Phoenix will be unable to enjoy fireworks once more this year.

Some of the country’s newest residents will take the oath of citizenship in moving ceremonies, making them eligible to vote in the 2018 midterm elections for the first time.

Certainly, this is a dangerous time: The nation’s psyche is still fresh from recent mass shootings, such as that at a Texas elementary school and a New York supermarket. An economic slump is on the horizon.

The recent Supreme Court judgments eliminating the constitutional right to abortion and overturning a New York statute restricting who can carry a pistol in public have also exposed sharp social and political divides.

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