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“You’re the weak link”: The last words a murderer says to his wife



The last words a murderer says before he kills his wife are shocking because he cheated on him.

Richard Cooper, 60, was sentenced in 2002 to life in prison for killing his wife out of jealousy.

“You weak link, goodbye!” He told her in a cynical manner, and immediately he killed her.

A former train station guard from the city of Kent in the UK was furious.

He looked at her to see if she was cheating on him

He had recorded that Theresa Cooper’s 46-year-old wife cheated on him with the postman.

Cooper, suspicious of his wife, stuck a tape recorder under the table in an attempt to catch her on the spot.

When he heard the tape on a nearby bubble, he realized his wife was having sex with a postman in the neighborhood.

In court, before Cooper kills her, Cooper says to his wife, “You’re the weak link, goodbye!” Heard that murmur.

At that time, in 2002, the video game “The Weakest Ring” was played on the BBC and was a huge success.

He strangled her

After saying the famous phrase to her, Cooper strangled his wife and then scratched her face.

It is noteworthy that Theresa has been divorcing her husband since 2000, but she was still in contact with her husband when he began flirting with postman Christopher Cindall.

“None of us in this courtroom will forget what we heard in the contents of this tape,” Judge Andrew Bessens told the Daily Star, a British tabloid, while reading the verdict.

“What you did was unbelievably satanic.

“You were found guilty of premeditated murder of your wife. If I can, this is a decision I fully agree with,” Judge Andrews told the cold-blooded killer.

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