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Benz “rises” against Trump over attack on Capitol


“I have no right to change the outcome of the election”: Oh American Former Vice President Mike Pence Revolted against him yesterday Friday Donald Trump Around related events Attack on Federal CapitalThe January 6, 2021 protest was opposed by the Republicans, who described it as a “legitimate” expression of political dissent. During a speech in Florida, Mr. Benz refused; That icy morning, thousands of Donald Trump supporters gathered in Washington, D.C., and hundreds marched into congressional rallies to press Mike Pence and his supporters.

“President made a mistake”

“President Trump said he had the right to change the outcome of the election (…) but he was wrong,” he said yesterday, taking a clearer stance than ever. “I do not have that right.” And honestly, only one person can choose who the president is. There is no less American idea than what is possible, “he added.

Mike Pence, a loyalist when Mr Trump was in power, did not throw himself into the race for the White House – meaning to clash with the millionaire – who had already challenged the president, but not as directly as yesterday.

Many Republican voters are right; They have been working with Democrats for weeks on a bill that will prevent any outcome of the election from being reversed.

During the riots, some Donald Trump supporters shouted “Hang Mike Pence” and some set up scaffolding outside the building.

More broadly, the former vice president’s statements highlighted divisions within the U.S. right.

A few hours ago, the GOP, which had been loyal to the real estate tycoon for more than a year since leaving the White House, decided to politically punish two members of the House of Representatives special inquiry into Donald Trump’s involvement in the attack. Congress.

In the uprising, which is primarily symbolic, the party hierarchy accuses Liz Cheney and Adam Kingsinger of “disastrous” behavior for “Republicans” and “for our democracy.”

Appointment in Wyoming

The allegation was condemned by central party executives yesterday. “It is a disgrace for a party to condemn those who have a conscience that seeks the truth,” said Sen. Mitt Romney.

The Republican convention in Utah called the January 6, 2021 demonstration a “legitimate political expression” of “ordinary citizens,” and some Democrats called the Capitol invasion a “terrorist attack.”

It was a “black day” for Mike Pence.

The main opposition MP. Liz Cheney spoke out against “Republican leaders who were voluntarily taken hostage by a man who admitted he wanted to change the outcome of the presidential election.”

Wyoming MP Donald Trump, who has become one of his biggest opponents in Congress, has been repeatedly accused of “betrayal” and has made it clear that he will support his opponent in the Republican primary to prevent him from running for office.

The party process in Wyoming, scheduled for August, will be one of the highlights of the by-elections.

According to a poll by the Ipsos Institute on behalf of Reuters, 55% of Republicans believe Donald Trump’s victory in 2020 was “stolen”.

The angry president has made it clear that he will run for president again in 2024. In Texas last Saturday, he said he would apologize to all those facing criminal charges for occupying the Capitol on January 6, 2021, if he wins.

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