HomenewsSeriesIs You Season 4 Coming Out? Release Date 2022, Trailer, Cast, Episodes

Is You Season 4 Coming Out? Release Date 2022, Trailer, Cast, Episodes


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The ‘You’ team looks forward to delving into the dark side of Love in You season 4. Netflix will bring back Joe Goldberg’s death. The Netflix stalker series has already been renewed for a fourth season before the debut of You season three in October 2021. Therefore, Joe Goldberg is likely to encounter further challenges. What’s its most appealing feature? It is his first trip outside of the country. Joe Goldberg’s “strange world perspective” piqued the interest of showrunner Greg Berlanti and executive producer Sera Gamble after reading Caroline Kepnes’ novel.

It was great to see when Penn brought Joe into scary but enthralling life. In addition to Netflix’s kind assistance, they are grateful to the millions of fans who have enjoyed seeing Joe continuously screw things up throughout the show’s three seasons. Season 4 of You will premiere on Netflix in October 2021, only a few days before the third season of the famous psychological thriller debuts in fans’ queues. In Penn Badgley’s hands, Joe comes to scary and fascinating life. 

You Season 4 Release Date

Unfortunately, not at this time. It took over a year and a half to release You season 4. The hold-up occurred for more than 22 months, most of which were brought on by the pandemic. If the substantial production setbacks hadn’t happened, You probably season 4 would have been available for purchase sometime in the first half of 2021.

Is You Season 4 Coming Out Release Date 2022, Trailer, Cast, Episodes

It seems likely that the fourth season of You will premiere on Netflix sometime during the fall or winter of 2022. If feasible, Netflix probably won’t have to hang tight for much longer than that. It is possible to make a more cautious prediction that the release of season 4 will occur in the spring of 2023. That is about 18 months after the first episode of the third season.

They hope there won’t be a very long wait. They estimate that the fourth season of You will be available on Netflix during the fourth quarter of 2022, which runs from October through December 2022.

Where To Watch You Season 4

However, they don’t know why the other characters are free and assumed dead, but Joe is still alive. A few individuals from Joe’s past may not believe he died.

They are curious to see whether Joe returns to Madre Linda to find Henry in You season 4. Due to his lack of confidence in his ability to be a decent parent, they will be watching to see what Joe says about fatherhood next season.

If Caroline Kepnes’ newest You book, You Love Me, is adapted into You , curious. It follows Joe as he relocates from the big city to a little town. A detour from the script seems to have been taken; as a result, its future course.

You Season 4 Cast

Your season 4 cast member Penn Badgley was the first to be officially confirmed. They already know that Joe Goldberg—or should they call him Nick?—will return for season four of You after season three. The bulk of the season 4 cast, including Love actress Victoria Pedretti, cannot be said to share the same feeling.

If Joe manages to go back to Madre Linda, You season 4 will be pretty interesting to see. After all, at least, many of the characters from season 4 might make an appearance—those who made it through. From my perspective, Saffron Burrows’ character Dottie Quinn hasn’t yet gone away.

You Season 4 Cast

More than a dozen new Joe Goldberg ensemble members have joined in the last two months. Immigrant-turned-entrepreneur Lukas Gage, who played Adam in The White Lotus, will take on the role of the ambitious son of a very successful businessman. Call the Midwife and Feel Good actor Charlotte Ritchie plays Kate, an art gallery director who is “an ice bitch” to everyone save her closest pals.

She portrays Lady Phoebe, an influential socialite engaged to Adam and close friends with Kate. Amy-Leigh Hickman describes Nadia, a feisty lit major trying to put her past mistakes behind her and move on with her life. As Rhys, a writer whose best-selling biography launched him into a political career, Ed Speelers provides the voice of Rhys on the big screen.

You Season 4 Trailer

There is a brief teaser trailer for You Season 4, but no full trailer has been released yet. Joe’s “4 you” and “You 4” musings to previous loves Beck and Love are highlighted in a pre-You Season four Netflix preview trailer.

Joe may seem more liberated over the river, but he notes, “Because the problem is inside him, he is trying to change. To his credit, he never gives up on trying.”

Charlotte Ritchie, Tilly Keeper, Amy Leigh Hickman, and Ed Speleers portrayed Charlotte in Ghosts. Students, nobility, and a princess will all have roles to play. Adam’s longtime lover Lady Phoebe will be played by Keeper, while Ritchie will take on the part of the art gallery director Kate, who is both brilliant and passionately dedicated to her work. A young literature student and aspiring author who sticks out among her peers, Nadia will be played by Steelers. They will represent Rhys, an irreverent writer under pressure to pursue a political career.

Joe blew up his stay in Madre Linda when Love tried to murder him and his new love interest, Marianne the Librarian (Tati Gabrielle). A caring couple took care of Henry as he fled the country, blaming Love for causing his death. Joe vows to find Marianne in Paris.

You Season 4 Plot

Following Love’s attempted throat slash, Joe has arrived in Paris and is now in the custody of the police. However, he could get out of the circumstance and break free from the restraints of marriage once again.

Even though he knew it was in Henry’s best interest, he had no choice but to give custody of Henry to Dante and his wife.

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Sera Gamble explored the possible ramifications of Joe’s decision to leave Henry behind for the next season with her colleagues. They think they will have an impact on him in the future. 

While he’s been in Paris, Joe has come in pursuit of Marienne, and considering his tendency for stalking, and he’ll very sure go hunting for her. When they eventually meet, it’s expected to be an interesting conversation, given that Love has revealed some disturbing personal information about Joe to Marianne.


Brand-new set photos from Just Jared reveal that Gabrielle and her baby were seen working with Badgley in Los Angeles last week. Gabrielle escapes around the streets of London in these images, which you can see here as a normal response to bumping into her ex. They don’t know what Marienne’s role will be in the next season, but they can only hope she survives Joe.


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