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What Happened To Michael Schumacher? Net Worth, Accident, Age, Wife, Kids


Michael Schumacher is not a name that is anonymous. If one has ever watched Formula One, then they definitely know who he is. For the unversed, He is a former Formula One racing champion. He is known for driving the best sportscars like Mercedes, Ferrari, and Jordon. He has a net worth of approximately $650 million.

He is one of the iconic champions of the F1 era. In his popular days, he earned a whopping $ 50 million every year, when he worked with Ferrari. And, when he worked with Mercedes, he received around $75 million every year. Apart from driving in the F1 circuit, he has a number of endorsements under his belt, and he earns a handsome amount from them.

Know More About Michael Schumacher

He is also quite popular as the billionaire athlete in many circuits. A fascinating fact about this man is that he got his driving license before his legal age. He has numerous wins to his credit. Moreover, he has won many titles so far. Additionally, he is an ambassador for UNESCO.

Time and again, he has been involved in various kinds of social work. He has appeared on the Forbes list of rich athletes many times. Now, he is just behind a few A-list athletes like Tiger Woods, Arnold Palmer, and Jack Nicklaus. He has one of the most fascinating careers in sports.

What Happened To Michael Schumacher Net Worth, Accident, Age, Wife, Kids

Michael Schumacher was born on January 3, 1969, in Hurth, which is in Germany. His father was fascinated with Go-karting, so he also practiced it often. He started go-karting at age four. He is not from a very wealthy family and came from a humble background.

The athlete won his first go-karting race at 6. In the next few years, he perfected his art so well that he managed to join the German Junior Kart Championship. He was an independent person from a very young age. He started working as a mechanic after he was estranged from his family.

Michael Schumacher Career Beginnings

Michael Schumacher started his career with Formula 3 in the year 1990. After struggling for a year, he got to Formula One. He played his first Grand Prix match at the Mexican Grand Prix.

He has a great career as a Formula One racing car champion. In the year 1993, he won just one match. However, he did not get deterred by the failure. In 1994, he competed in sixteen races and won at least nine of them.

Full NameMichael Schumacher
Born OnJanuary 3, 1969
Height1.74 m
Weight74 kg
Net Worth$650 million

When he joined Ferrari, the times were the best for the car magnet. It was also called the ‘Golden Age’ for Ferrari. Before he joined them, Ferrari had not won a single match in almost two decades.  He has practically made a record in all games pertaining to the Formula One Racing circuit.

Michael Schumacher Net Worth By Year

The net worth of the world champion increased year after year as he plummeted his way through the hearts of many.

In 2017, he had a net worth of $470 million.

In 2018, he had a net worth of $475 million.

In 2019, he made a neat $500 million.

In 2022, he made approximately $650 million.

Michael Schumacher Relationships

The greatest Formula One Racing champion of all times, he married Corinna Schumacher in 1995. She has been his pillar of strength all through his career. He also happened to suffer a horrific skiing accident in 2013, and she was with him, supporting him all the way. Corinna is also very much inclined towards sports.

She herself had won the Western Style Horse Riding competition in European Championship. The couple also owns horses together, in have ranches in Texas and Switzerland. Schumacher had a fall in the horrendous accident in the Alps and was put into a medical coma thereafter. They have two children together, Gina-Maria and Nick.

Michael Schumacher Wife

He is not well currently, after the 2013 accident He is still recovering. Michael Schumacher was skiing with his son in the Alps back in 2013 when he fell down and hit his head on a rock. He was wearing a helmet at that time, but despite that, he got injured seriously.

His family is currently taking care of him in their home, after being admitted and discharged a number of times, from the hospital. He is under therapy, attended by a team of medical doctors at home. However, he is not communicating as much.

Michael Schumacher Awards And Honors

He is the proud recipient of Seven World Driver’s Championship titles with Ferrari and Benetton. He is the only racing car champion who has had the maximum number of pole positions and podium finishes. After moving to Ferrari, he simultaneously won five titles.

Some time back, he just received the highest state honors in Germany. The Seven-time F1 Champion has contributions worth mentioning toward sports and social work. Thus, he has been bestowed this state award.

Michael Schumacher Business Ventures & Real Estate

He has made his money from playing F1 and brand endorsements. There is no report of any business venture as such. He owns ranches with his wife, though in Texas and Switzerland. During his successful years, he got paid $10 million, every year to wear a cap from the company Shell, with its logo on it. The Deutsche Vermögensberatung company paid him $8 million from 1999 onwards for three years for wearing their company-sponsored cap.

Michael Schumacher has a house in Lake Geneva in Switzerland. The estate is located in a wealthy and posh area. There are three buildings inside the property. The buildings also happen to overlook Lake Geneva. The property has been listed in the market at €6.4 million. According to a few sources, he may also have a house in Spain, but those details are not clear.

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The former F1 Racing champion has a huge collection of sports luxury cars. He owns the Ferrari FXX which he developed with car makers, with his input. He also built and got the Ferrari Enzo customized. It is one of his proud possessions. He also happens to own a Mercedes SLS AMG.

Michael Schumacher used to travel in his private jet, from one tournament to another or otherwise for regular travel.

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