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White Chicks 2: Marlon Wayans Explains Why The Sequel Has Been Delayed!!


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Following up on his recent interview with Variety, Marlon Wayans said that White Chicks 2 is in the works. Wayans spoke with Variety about the project. However, the actor went so far as to declare that he believed a sequel was “important” for the business and hoped it would happen soon. Even though the film has not yet received official sanction from the studio, Wayans believes that the time is right to make such a film at this point in history.

What Are The Possibilities For The Sequel?

It is expected that Shawn and Marlon Wayans will reprise their roles as FBI agents in a follow-up film, even if the sequel is never released. The two actors pretended to be white females to investigate a kidnapping plot in the first film.

White Chicks 2 Marlon Wayans Explains Why The Sequel Has Been Delayed!!

A sequel will very certainly involve the Wayans being assigned a new mission, and they may have to disguise themselves as white women once more to stay on message.

When talking about the film’s premise, it’s important to note that the songs played an essential role in its popularity.

Terry Crews’ remarkable singing performance while Marlon Wayans was dressed as Tiffany Wilson for a date has become legendary in the entertainment industry. After becoming well-known for covering Vanessa Carlton’s A Thousand Miles, many people assumed it was the original song by Vanessa Carlton herself.

Whether there is a sequel, the actor hinted that he would sing a current rendition of the famous song in the film. As a modern-day rendition, the actor was quoted by Yahoo in 2019 as saying, “Carly Rae Jepsen’s ‘Call Me Maybe,'” the singer’s hit song.

Nevertheless, he declared, “I’d sing the whitest white female song you’ve ever seen.” On the other hand, White girls are currently singing about gangsters in their music. The song may sound slightly different and may include some rapping to accommodate this. However, it would be fantastic if we were to go ahead and accomplish it.

Marlon Wayans’s thoughts on the subject

Even though no sequels to White Chicks have been planned yet, Marlon Wayans has voiced his wish to continue the film’s storyline. In an interview with Variety, the actor provided yet another update on the picture, stating that the current state of affairs in the world makes it the best time to shoot it. As a bonus, he believes the image will be a tremendous hit at the box office, and he also believes that the Wayans have a wealth of real-life material to draw on.

When Terry Crews revealed in 2019 that the Wayans brothers were hard at work on a sequel, many fans were ecstatic. Even though they had denied those claims, Marlon asserted that they were still “working toward” their goal. However you felt about it, the procedure was moving very slowly and hadn’t been legally accepted yet, regardless of your feelings.

How soon can people anticipate it?

Because the release of White Chicks 2 is not a foregone conclusion, it is hard to predict when the film will be released. However, because it is a comedy, the time spent filming is likely to be limited. However, this is despite the multiple movie delays caused by the coronavirus and the time it takes to apply makeup to the Wayans brothers daily, which takes several hours. 

Filming began at the beginning of 2022, with a release date as early as the end of the year. This tale started with a bang, and fans are already anticipating what’s to come in Part 2.

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