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US accuses Russia of “blurring” water with fake news – Secret Service insists on invasion scenes in Ukraine


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According to Mr. Net price The Russians claim that there are many false accusations in the media, especially in the international media, that cover the progress of the Ukrainian crisis.

Mr Regis told reporters that Washington was concerned about Russian President Vladimir Putin’s claim that genocide was taking place in the Donbass region of eastern Ukraine.

He reiterated allegations that the United States and Ukraine were developing biological or chemical weapons for use in the region.Absolutely lying.

The Ukrainians insist on gathering an army

The concentration of Russian troops on the border with Ukraine continues despite Moscow’s withdrawal. However, a report by CNNI exclusively on Ukrainian intelligence said that the number of Russian troops was not enough for a full-scale invasion.

The total number of Russian troops on the border has risen to more than 148,000 in recent days, including 126,000 men and women from the ground, confirming US intelligence reports of Russian forces on the border. A spokesman for the Ukrainian presidency confirmed the report to CNNi.

On Tuesday, the Russian president Vladimir Putin Moscow announced that it was taking some of its troops to the border, after they had completed secondary military exercises. NATO Secretary-General on Wednesday Jens StoltenbergRejecting Putin’s claim, he said the troop meeting was continuing.The most severe crisis in decades.

NATO said in a statement on Wednesday that it was “concentrating on Russian forces”.Too large, unprovoked and unreasonable. NATO has confirmed that it will send additional ground forces and aircraft to the eastern part of the alliance. Activities, the announcement says, “Serious threatIn Russian operations.

U.S. Secretary of State Anthony Blingen also said no.No significant withdrawal [δυνάμεων]On behalf of Moscow, he tells the ABC: “Unfortunately, there is a difference between what Russia says and what it does. What we see is not a substantial withdrawal.

On the contrary, we continue to see forces at the forefront of any new offensive in Ukraine, especially those concentrated on the border.He added.

According to a new report by the Ukrainian Intelligence Service, 87 Russian battalions of the regular forces are constantly on the lookout around Ukraine, 53 of which are generally in the region. These battalions are made up of 800 to 1,000 Russian soldiers.

These figures are consistent with recent US estimates, but not sufficient, underestimating the risk of a full-scale military attack.

The Russian military force near the Ukrainian border was not enough to carry out a successful, large-scale armed attack on Ukraine.Refers to the statement.

However, Ukrainian intelligence services believe Russia’s focused on its efforts. “Disturbance of the internal situation in UkraineAcceptance of punitive measures with cyber attacks against economic and energy sector impacts and Ukrainian targets.

Dozens of Ukrainian websites owned by government agencies and banks have been the target of cyber-attacks in recent days, with Ukrainian officials “pointing” at Russia.

The report of the Ukrainian Secret Service is also a “Secret Russian occupation of Belarus“Moscow continues to strengthen its air and missile forces in the country bordering Russia and Ukraine.

Request for Donbass

Meanwhile, Ukraine has formally called on the UN Security Council to discuss a resolution passed in the Russian parliament, urging Russian President Vladimir Putin to recognize the independence of the Donbass separatist regions.

Foreign Minister Dmitry Kuleba said the resolution of the Russian parliament undermines efforts to end the war in eastern Ukraine, and Kiev called for a debate on Thursday.

Invasion scenes from Estonia as well

At the same time, the head of the Estonian intelligence service says. ““Russia is constantly moving troops across the border with Ukraine and is likely to launch a ‘limited’ military offensive against the country.”.

The attack included a rocket attack and the capture of “significant” territory in Ukraine, the director general of the Estonian Intelligence Service said. Mick Maran.

“Now, our assessment is that they (the Russians) will avoid the more populous cities because they need more troops to control these areas, but have no clear idea of ​​which route the Russian troops will go.Maran told reporters at a press conference to submit the annual report of the service.

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