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Ukraine: The United States says Moscow is lying about withdrawing troops


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Russian offensive here, Russian offensive there, where is the Russian offensive? With each passing day the planet is holding its breath knowing that it can lead to or avoid a catastrophic war. The decision to withdraw some of the Russian president’s forces is promising. Remember that February 15 Moscow announced that some troops were concentrated on the border Ukraine Return to their sites. In fact, they are on the Ukrainian front, mainly units that have been transferred from the central military district of the Russian army. That being said, this report supports the dialogue by removing the pistol from the negotiating table. The Russian-Ukrainian crisisHowever, it tends to become a geopolitical thriller with constant fluctuations. After the first breath of relief, the United States denies Moscow action. They insist that the attack is a matter of possibility and time. His representative State Department Netflix warned that Russian authorities were “planting” messages that could be used as an excuse for an invasion of Ukraine. Secretary General of NATO Jens Stoltenberg “There is no sign of expansion in the sector,” he said. Indicates Military assistance And points out that re-establishing forces is not the equivalent of withdrawal. Someone talked about military reinforcement yesterday A senior White House official speaks anonymously. According to him, The Russia has “increased” its presence on the border with Ukraine by at least “7,000 troops”, some of whom arrived there on Wednesday. The “false” official described Moscow’s announcement that some troops had been withdrawn: “Yesterday the Russians announced the withdrawal of troops from the Ukrainian (…) border. We now know that this is a lie. In fact, we have now confirmed that Russia has increased its presence on the Ukrainian border by 7,000 troops in recent days, some of whom have arrived today. (ss: yesterday Wednesday), he spoke to reporters on condition of anonymity. The U.S. official stressed that Moscow could carry out an operation “at any time” as an excuse to invade Ukraine: ““Russia says it wants a diplomatic solution, but its actions are different.” “We hope it will change direction before a catastrophic war begins.” According to the officer, Find an excuse for the company The Donbass region can take on “different forms” such as a “challenge” or an alleged “invasion” of Russian territory. He noted that he expects more Fake news In the days to come from the Russian state media, “the official underlined “We hope people are ready.”

The Kremlin, for its part, speaks at the same time of the “increasing danger” of leading the divided provinces. Donetsk and Luhansk, Kiev called an emergency meeting of the UN Security Council. That is, the Russian Duma sent a resolution approving it Vladimir Putin, Demands the recognition of the secluded provinces of Donetsk and Luhansk as “sovereign people’s democracies”. The move would automatically cancel the Minsk process, a set of agreements reached between Russia and Ukraine in 2015 through Franco-German mediation. Washington has warned Putin not to recognize Donbass’ independence as illegal.

In Berlin, it is difficult for them to understand the Putin-Souls meeting, while at the same time doubting whether the conflict was averted. In Brussels and EU SummitEuropean leaders will have the opportunity to discuss Ukraine, but will be further briefed by Macron and Salt, who have spoken privately with the Russian president.

However, it is not particularly comforting that Ukrainian oligarchs and millionaires have fled their homeland in fear of war. For his part, the President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zhelensky He said his country was “not afraid” and would “defend” itself against Russia.

Putin’s meeting with the President of Belarus is also considered significant Alexander Lukashenko On February 18 in Moscow. For his part, o Tayyip Erdogan He hopes to stay afloat in the midst of this militant state. The Turkish press has reported that the Turkish president is trying to hold a tripartite meeting with his Ukrainian and Russian counterparts.

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