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Travis Scott Lands Las Vegas For ‘Road To Trip’ Nightclub Residency


The American rapper Travis Scott, 31, is all set to lead his life in Las Vegas followed by signing a multi-year agreement with Resorts World Las Vegas. As of Billboard, Scott has already inked the partnership in which he would be entitled to appear seven times at Zouk Nightclub.

The first pair of appearances have already been scheduled for September 17 and October 15. As per the statement shared by Resorts World, For the nightclub residency experience, Road to Utopia, Scott would be allowed to wholly use the properties of the club, including its lighting, sound system, and other technologies.

Travis Scott Hits Vegas For Nightclub Residency

The whole team of the Resort World Las Vegas, which was developed by Genting Berhad,  seems to be excited to know what exactly would a dynamite artist like Scott would come up with in the space. Ronn Nicolli, Resorts World Las Vegas’ chief marketing officer recently told them that Travis has plans to utilize the most out of what he was given. Nicolli also considers Scott a once-in-a-lifetime talent. 

Ronn expressed his joy in welcoming Scott to their resort as the rapper is one special kind with unmatching skills. Starting from his music to partnerships, Scott has maintained a legacy and thus Nicolli believes that Travis Scott would pour in the Resorts World Las Vegas with tremendous energy and would also be an asset to the extravagant resort. 

Travis Scott Lands Las Vegas For 'Road To Trip' Nightclub Residency

Following the Goosebumps rapper’s Astroworld Festival of last year, his residency at Zouk, a 29-year-old nightlife brand, has been announced. Ever since Scott has been on a break from appearing among the crowd or doing shows. The crowd crush on the Astroworld Festival in November had taken the lives of ten individuals, leaving hundreds of others heavily injured.  

Initially, Scott appeared surprisingly in the Zauk nightclub, followed by which the rapper also performed at Billboard Music Awards 2022 in Vegas. Apart from performing seven gigs, in the Zouk nightclub, Travis Scott might also share a glimpse of his upcoming tracks too. 

The chief executive of Zouk Group, Andrew Li shared a couple of words about the talented rapper saying that apart from Scott, there would have not been a better fit for Zouk nightclub, as his electrifying performance would seamlessly go with the aura of the nightclub, which will result in gifting the club guests with an unparalleled experience that they can ever find in Las Vegas. 

Travis Scott Is Back After Astroworld Tragedy

According to Li, the team is eagerly looking forward to setting up his residency so that they could amplify their work. Among the seven dates that he has agreed, only 2 dates have been locked and the tickets for both September and October shows are put on sale. It is definite that the hype would not go in vain as the artist linked to the nightclub is none other than Travis Scott. 

Since Zouk Group, the global lifestyle company,  has been on a mission to alter the night face of Las Vegas, the groundbreaking album creator, Scott, would, of course, be the ultimate choice. Their establishments are mostly on nightlife and entertainment. 

Travis Scott Is  Back After Astroworld Tragedy

The nightclub of Zouk would be entirely different from that of the prevailing styles, as they have been planning to adopt certain new technologies and add elements of advanced lighting with it. 

The other features including the ceiling would alter based on the artist, who would be performing at the moment. The roof would be shifted, and replaced with a matching one. The collaboration announcement was done by the Zouk in November 2020, with unique features mingled in. The resort is said to have 3500 rooms, which is massive. 

Since 2017, Zouk nightclub has been ranked the best according to DJ Mag’s annual Top 100 Clubs. Prior to that, they have been serving as the finest clubbing institution, being the foremost institution that presents the cultural-trending dance and music, in Singapore. 

Keeping the music aside, Zouk has even more to explore. The food and beverage are the sections that anyone would notice other than the aforementioned superior qualities. They have incorporated new luxury brands like RedTail and FUHU

The music leader, Travis Scott is much more from being a successful rapper. He is looked upon for fashion, culture, and more. With his collection of chart-toppers, Scott has changed the overall expectation of hip-hop, with his improvised versions. The actor, producer, designer, and founder of Cactus Jack, has so far piled 40 billion streams in total, occupying a space in the playlist of the former president, Barack Obama

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Scott owns the dodecahedral of gold, platinum, and multi-platinum honoraries throughout his burgeoning career. He has three No 1 chart-toppers for the Billboard 200 including Jackboys, Trap Sing McKnight, and Astroworld. 

The diamond-certified rapper has also topped the Billboard Hot 100 with four of his songs as well. 

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