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The MLB CBA proposal included the right to reduce the number of points available for minor league rosters


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10:11 pm: Basan Tweets That the league plans to reject the MLB’s proposal to reduce the number of points for the league’s secondary rosters. He adds that the MLBPA has rejected similar offers by the league in the past.

8:29 pm: Major League Baseball put forward its latest collective bargaining proposal last weekend. Among the provisions included in this broad offer: A provision that would allow the commissioner’s office to reduce the number of minor league roster places available to teams in future seasons, according to a report from Jeff Bassan from ESPN.

Currently, teams are allowed to carry up to 180 minor league players in their establishments during a season; This number expands to 190 during the holiday season (not including the Dominican Summer League). According to Bassan, the MLB proposal would leave this 180-player limit in place for next season, but would provide the league the flexibility to set the limit per club’s junior leagues to fewer than 150 players at some point during the next CBA period. Bassan hears from a league source that they do not currently envision cuts to minor league membership anytime in 2023, but they appreciate the opportunity to implement tougher existing restrictions in the future.

MLB has been making efforts to sign off with the minor leagues over the past few years. During the 2019-20 season (before the pandemic began), the league eliminated 42 affiliated football teams, turning them into independent clubs or summer football amateur teams. As part of COVID-19 protocols, the league has reduced its 2020 first-year draft player from 40 to five rounds. 20 rounds were scheduled last year, and Bassan wrote that the league and the federation agreed last July to keep a 20-round draft in place moving forward.

The MLB proposal can affect different organizations to varying degrees. Bassan reports that five of the franchises currently have more than 180 MiLB players, while two already have less than 150 players. Given such a large discrepancy in the number of rosters between teams, there is certainly some logic in stricter regulations to balance the field. However, there is no doubt that MLB also appreciates the possibility of reducing the number of minor league rosters for reasons of cost cutting. Stricter restrictions on the number of sites available, if implemented, could include many or all organizations having to release players.

It remains to be seen if the Major League Baseball Players Association will approve the changes to the minor league roster setup. Minor League players are not members of the MLBPA, nor are they members of their own league. However, the MLBPA does play a role in some decisions that involve amateur or junior players in the league. In addition to the league’s aforementioned agreement on cutting off the draft rounds, the parties also discussed the possibility of implementing lottery projectfor example.

The treatment of minor league players is an issue that has received a fair amount of attention in recent years. The league suggested that improving conditions for the rest of the minor leagues provided a compelling justification for cutting teams in the first place. Whether or not they’ve already made strides big enough to justify those cuts a matter of discussion. league is require teams To provide housing for farm workers, starting next season. However, concerns remain about the adequacy of player salaries during the season, and MLB is still fighting to maintain spring training in the minor league. unpaid.


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