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The abduction of a non-Murdoch woman and its tragic end


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The Mural McKay, Then 55 years old was abducted Hussein of Nizam And Arthur Hussein’s older brother, who confused her with the wife of the then media boss Robert Murdoch, They wanted to kidnap for ransom. The brothers attacked McCain’s home in Wimbledon, southwest London December 29, 1969Murdoch, Murdoch’s deputy managing director, kidnapped Ali McCoy, who was married, and took him to the Hertfordshire farm where they lived. Then asked 1 million pounds Pretend to be a mafia and free her. No one saw her alive again, her body was never found

Led to the release of a documentary

According to the Times, The 75 years old Today Nizamondin Hussein revealed that Murelle McKay Buried Hertforsir FarmThey were placed on an area of ​​11 acres. After documentaries found him in Trinidad last year, he testified before a lawyer representing his family. The killer, who denied any involvement in the abduction, insisted that no violence was used against him. While watching TV news about his abduction, he told his family that he had collapsed and died. “We’m glad the police decided to take the case seriously,” Diane’s daughter, Murray, 81, told the McKay Times. We have been trying hard for the last few months to get here We want the investigation to continue. Now that the Nizam has told us where he buried his mother, we have to stand and wait. This is very difficult. We know we have to follow some protocol like getting a search warrant to bury the buried area, but all we really want to do is go ahead and finally say goodbye to it. . 52 years.


A Metropolitan Police spokesman said: “Mural McCain’s family contacted the police about the information they received about his murder in December 2021.”

According to the Times, Detective They went to the National Archives in Kiev two days ago to retrieve the original files of the case. However, the current owner of the farm refused to cooperate at the family’s request so that Hussein’s location could be scanned by ground penetration radar. Based on the evidence, the Metropolitan Police may decide to launch an investigation to find the remains of Mural McCain.

Nizamond told Matthew Gale, a British lawyer based in Trinidad who was hired by the family. He wanted to “put an end” to the affair before he died, so he would reveal where McCain’s body was. In particular, he said: The farm house has a wooden door, with a shed on its side, three meters straight to the shed and three meters on this side. [αριστερά], The corpse is around somewhere. “Next to the barbed wire, one meter from the fence.”


Chronology of abduction

The brothers were looking at a Rolls-Royce in a motorcycle owned by Murdoch, but Murray McCain’s husband Alik used it when Murdoch was not in Britain. They thought Murdoch’s then-wife was in it. So, Was mistakenly abducted Murrell and Rooks were taken to the farm, where they lived with Arthur’s wife and children, who were on vacation at the time. McCoy, Murdoch’s newspaper manager, returned home and found the phone hanging on the wall and the contents of his wife’s bag scattered throughout the hall. Then he got a call asking for 11 million from one person. Today 20 is equal to 20 million – Murrell launches first high-profile kidnapping case in UK to bring McKay back to life.


During the 40-day interrogation, the brothers, who claimed to be a gang called the M3, Sent three letters and 18 additional phone calls Asking for money. They sent five letters to her husband, Murali McKay, in which he allegedly wrote five letters in which he said he was cold and closed his eyes. Two attempts by police to hand over counterfeit banknotes to the kidnappers failed, but a second attempt led police to Rook’s farm. After trial in 1970, the brothers Sentenced to life imprisonment One of Britain’s first convictions for murder without finding the body of the murdered man. Both brothers pleaded not guilty, but Arthur’s fingerprints were found on the recovery banknotes and the notebook with the same paper on which Murrell’s letters were written was found on the farm. Nizamont’s lawyer said he had buried McCoy and refused to include his brother Arthur.

He further added that he did not kill Murel McCoy and that he fell on the farm house and died of a heart attack. “It’s always haunting me all my other days.” Arthur’s brother died in prison in 2009.


Recovery after 52 years

Nizamond also agreed to speak on a video call with McCain’s daughter, Diane. She said: “I was afraid to talk to him. Initially I wrote a letter, I did not succeed, I was not sick. Since then, I tried very hard to manage it, and finally I was able to cope with the call to Zoom. Said. I was completely relieved when she told me she was buried on the farm. I have been thinking about it for so many years. I had a nightmare of having to throw my mom into the sea. We have not had a Merry Christmas since it happened. For me it was a scary time, and the anniversary and New Year that happened bothered me so much. “We’ll always go abroad at Christmas, so we’ll forget a little bit.” Diane added: “Everything we have lived and still live is always somewhere in the back of my mind. It makes me even more anxious. I locked the doors and went abroad, somewhere in the middle of the street, to a very secluded place. I do not know whether to cry or accept,” That’s a very confusing feeling. I can not regret being sick, can not accept … I was told where these details are, how it goes, how many steps, many details, I thought. My God, he is telling the truth, he can not remove them from the mind … “.

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