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“We accept responsibility for anything that happens in the eastern Mediterranean”


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The French ambassador was in support of the Greek position on the Eastern Med project Patrick Mysonov During a conference he gave in the Greek press Seizure of the French presidency of the Council of Europe, While emphasizing France’s continued support on the side of “Greece’s partner and partner”. “The Eastern Med It is an interesting project, but today economic conditions are favorable to look for other ways to supply energy and especially electricity to each other or liquefied natural gas. “It is not the intention of the East Med to become a strategic or political affair, but to promote other projects that should only look at the facts that make the most sense financially,” the French ambassador said. Asked about the possibility of a crisis in the East (APE-MPE). Mediterranean in the middle of the French presidency “today I have no evidence that we think we are heading for a crisis in the East. Mediterranean. However, he recalled that “recent events have prompted France to react and support Greece and Cyprus in a consistent and clear manner.” If anything happens, he added, just like the rest of the world.We will take our responsibilities We will try to respond. “Mr Masonov said it was necessary to negotiate with Turkey and Russia. For the interests and protection of Europeans. Whether we like it or not, Russia exists, it is an important power and it has significant assets, we believe in it. It is in our interest to talk to Russia. The ambassador said he was “keeping” a clear statement from the US Deputy Secretary of State regarding Russia’s absence from Russia’s talks with the United States. Wendy Sherman “We are not talking about Europe without Europeans, we are not talking about NATO without NATO representatives.” In this regard, the level of understanding with the Americans is very good, he added, and the United States would not negotiate with Russia without Europeans and NATO allies.

Amendment of the EU-Turkey Agreement on Migration

On the issue of amending the EU-Turkey agreement on immigration, Mr. Mezonav later referred to “immigration” after France reiterated that “it was on the side of the Greek allies and played strong positions in favor of the Greek partners and Cyprus.” “Looking at the progress being made in Turkey today, it seems difficult to have a comprehensive discussion with this country, but this discussion will come at the right time, and then EU-Turkey relations in the context of this discussion,” he said. Amendment to the 2016 Declaration. “We are committed to resuming dialogue with Turkey, but I do not know what the conditions are today because there is a Turkish agenda that does not support the resumption of talks today,” he said.

As the head of French diplomacy in Greece has said, the French president will be placed at the negotiating table “as an honest mediator”. Restoration of the Schengen function It must return to normalcy “with political will” because it is a “significant acquisition” and accepts political responsibility and acts like the euro. He noted that this is an idea that has not yet been developed, but should be placed on the table.

The president’s plans include improving the asylum and immigration agreement, but there does not appear to be a comprehensive solution within the framework of the semester because negotiations are complicated because – like Greece – transport and destination countries, there is no need to combine their interests. One of the prerequisites for European sovereignty is that managing the outer borders of the European Union is an idea we want to pursue., he said.

However, personal issues such as the European synchronization of social benefits for refugees may move forward, so that Greece will not be more attractive due to the greater benefits. Criteria for defining refugees vary from country to country in the European Union.

The big issue regarding the amendment of the Stability Agreement will also be on the table, Mr. As Masonov underlined, it is difficult to return to the pre-epidemic stage without severe consequences for economic growth. The landscape has meanwhile changed in the last two years Major investments are needed to adapt the economy to climate change And achieve the goals of carbon neutrality by 2050. As the French ambassador characteristically stated, the implementation of the digital revolution requires enormous investments, noting that in Greece you are very actively involved in this. It is difficult to meet the Maastricht standard set 30 years ago. In the context of adjusting to these economic needs and future budgets, a special summit will be held in March, while the EU’s investment plan for dealing with the epidemic should continue.

Referring to European security, he said health, migration and climate change were all linked to Europe’s security concerns. He noted that the Ukraine affair, our approach to Russia – a key partner – and all security issues raised by emerging regional powers have been and continue to be political-diplomatic crises. He talked about North Korea’s missile challenges and the terrorist threat coming from Sahel, but also the Middle East, Syria, Iran and Afghanistan. He stressed that it would be especially useful for Sahel, especially as Europe and Greece realize that part of Sahel’s security is at stake.

According to diplomatic sources, during today’s meeting with the Greek Foreign Minister and Deputy Foreign Minister, the French Ambassador expressed his satisfaction that “Greece is very active in the Balkans”, for which a special conference will be convened in June. ⁇Unfortunately, we are seeing a resurgence of tensions and populist movements It’s a threat to the stability of the region, “said David Cook, chief of The Christian Science Monitor’s Washington bureau. We think the addition would be useful.

We should not consider the French election as an obstacle to the presidency of France. March 20 will be a restrictive period for politicians until after the election, but the president’s agenda will be very busy in May and June, as there will be no cabinet meeting after this period.

Finally, referring to the EU, he said that it was a legal force and that we did not want to establish a force that could be used against anyone. We believe that a force in the defense sector is necessary only to value our interests in defense, security, economy and so on.

In it he expressed his understanding of the reservations of some states, but said that a general understanding could be achieved by clarifying the rules in a world where there was no other way to create new powers.

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