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Sylvester Stallone Reacts To Jennifer Flavin’s Divorce Filing!


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The actor Sylvester Stallone and Jennifer Flavin decided to quit their marriage after 25 years of marriage. They both married after 10 years of relationship in 1997.

Sylvester responds to Jennifer Flavin’s divorce filing the actor denied his wife’s statement of any wrongdoing or wastage of their marital assets. The actor had rejected his wife’s request to use the Palm Beach Home. This property was owned by both of them. 

Famous Actor Sylvester Stallone Responds To Estranged Wife Jennifer Flavin’s Divorce Filing!

Sylvester Stallone 72, and Jennifer Flavin 51, had celebrated their wedding anniversary together and later Jennifer Flavin’s filed her divorce petition in court on August 19, 2022.

Jennifer Flavin a former model is in the need of a larger portion of the settlement. She claims that the actor Sylvester Stallone had spent their combined wealth on financial misdoings. 

The actor has an estimated net worth of about $400 million. Sylvester Stallone and his wife owns many properties together. And they need the property shares equally.

Sylvester Stallones and Jennifer Flavin’s life had been considered to be broken ones. They state that they were unhappy in their married life. They together had taken this decision of divorce. Sylvester Stallones and Jennifer Flavin share three daughters in this relationship. They were Sophia, Sistine, and Scarlet.

Famous Actor Sylvester Stallone Responds To Estranged Wife Jennifer Flavin's Divorce Filing

Jennifer Flavin Divorce

After the divorce was filed in court Sylvester Stallone stated that he still loves her and respects her. And he considers her an amazing woman. He also stated that he loves his family. The couples had their own reason to get divorced. And the reason for the breakup is not clear.

They had made 25 years of married life but everything ended with a divorce. The couple made it clear that they had many happy times and problems in these 30 years. And their relationship is considered to be irretrievably broken.

There were problems in the relationship and this is the time to go in two different directions. Sylvester Stallone accepted Jennifer Flavin’s need to retain her maiden name.

Sylvester Stallone accepted some of Jennifer’s requests including retaining her maiden name and distributing their properties and assets equally. And this is the time for both of them to split their life.

According to the divorce petition, Stallone had no right to sell, transfer, or assign assets during the proceedings. The Rocky actor states about the divorce privately addressing that it is their personal issue.

The actor Stallone was 51 years and Flavin was 29 years when they got married in 1997. And there were no issues among them at this period of time.

Jennifer Flavin Divorce

Sylvester Stallone Movies

Sylvester Stallone had appeared in more than seventy-eight films. He had a worth of about $400 million. Through his business and assets, movies altogether. Sylvester Stallone had married three times altogether. He first married, Sasha Czack. Sylvester and Sasha share two sons in this relationship.

And later the couple got divorced in 1985. Then the actor got married to Brigitte Nielsen, who was a model and actress. This relationship only lasted for two years.

In 1997, he married Jennifer Flavin and the relationship lasted for 25 years. The actor himself states that he was happy in their relationship. But something had happened to their relationship and it became an irretrievably broken one.

 Sylvester was famous for his movies like Rocky ( 1979) and Rambo(1985) and the characters in the movies got greater attention from the audience. And it was a successful film. Apart, from these movies, Sylvester Stallone appeared in many movies in the 1970s and 1980s.

And the divorce of Sylvester Stallone and Flavin became popular news all over the world. Jennifer Flavin also states that her daughters are the priority. The news of the divorce was spread after the actor covered up his wife’s portrait tattoo with an image of his dog.

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And later, the news of their divorce spread widely after their 25th  wedding anniversary celebration. Flavin filed a divorce petition against Sylvester Stallone. The fans had greater anxiety knowing the reason for their divorce. But the couple didn’t reveal the reason for breaking up.

The couple had gone through joy and sad situations in their life together. And they both give respect each other and they will remember the good times that they had spent together.

The couple considers the divorce is for a better journey and they will remember the years that they had spent together. The divorce proceedings are going on in court. We can expect the divorce would be happening and let’s hope for the better in their future life.

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