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Sidemen Net Worth, Sources Of Income, Cars!


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The Sidemen (previously The Ultimate Sidemen) is a British YouTube channel made up of seven successful British YouTubers. The group was founded on June 14, 2015.

The gang creates videos of various challenges, comedy, and video game commentary across their YouTube accounts, which have over 165 million subscribers combined.

All You Need To Know About Sideman Net Worth, Source Of Income!

Members of the group include Olajide “JJ” Olatunji, popularly known as KSI; Simon Minter, also known as Miniminter; Joshua “Josh” Bradley, popularly known as Zerkaa; Tobit “Tobi” Brown, known by the stage name Tobjizzle or TBJZL; Ethan Payne, also known as Behzinga; Vikram “Vik” Barn, popularly known as Vikkstar123; and Harry Lewis, often known as Wroetoshaw or W2S.

All You Need To Know About Sideman Net Worth, Source Of Income

The Sidemen group was created on October 19, 2013. As the decade went on, they expanded into more diverse content and developed a business brand around their name. They have been posting weekly videos to their group channel since January 2018 under the title “Sidemen Sunday.”

In 2018, they started a second channel called MoreSidemen, which started off as a compilation channel but eventually developed into one with various videos broadcast each week.

They created a third channel in 2020 called SidemenReacts where they only share “reaction videos.” They developed a fourth channel in 2021 called SidemenShorts that makes use of the YouTube Shorts part of the website.

Net Worth$26 million
OriginUnited Kingdom
Started On14 June 2015
Video GenreChallenges, Comedy, Video Game Commentary
Source Of WealthYoutuber, Merchandise
Subscribers On Youtube165 million
Views On Youtube3.6 + Billion
Net Worth From Youtube$20.08 million

Key Facts About Sidemen

  • Sidemen: The Book, published by Coronet Books, was launched on October 18, 2016, by the Sidemen group, and the band embarked on a UK-wide promotional tour.
  • In 2017, they have been nominated for the British Book Awards in the category Non-Fiction: Lifestyle Book of the Year for their book.
  • In 2019, Sidemen’s have been nominated for the Shorty Awards under the category Best YouTube Ensemble.
  • Among the seven members, KSI is the richest member and has a large number of subscribers on his personal channels.
  • All of the Sidemen are football lovers, and FIFA, specifically pro clubs, is one of the most popular games on their other channel “MoreSidemen.”

Sidemen Sources Of Income

“The Sidemen” group has a YouTube channel, as they originally started. YouTube is therefore the primary source of income. They also monetize their channel in the following other ways:

  • Sponsorships: Due to Sidemen’s massive fanbase, major brands are eager to advertise with them. They haven’t yet broken through to America; their followers are largely British and between the ages of 15 and 25. The organization might easily earn six figures for an advertising arrangement, depending on the marketing. Any less is not worth it in their eyes.
  • YouTube Ads: They have millions of viewers, YouTube adverts, which show before videos, can be a significant source of income. There are a lot of subscribers, and they make around $2 million a year from it.
  • Sales Of Merchandise: Sidemen earns between $1.5 and $2 million annually from their clothing store, Sidemen Clothing, which they control.
Sidemen Sources Of Income

Each member of the group receives an equal share of the total income. Every Sidemen member also has their own YouTube channel via which they can make extra money. Some of them are operating their own businesses. These are a few of the revenue streams that help them amass more cash.

Sidemen Net Worth

As of the year 2022, the group of seven YouTubers channels named “The Sidemen” has an estimated net worth of around USD $26 million dollars. In 2020 they have got massive subscribers and each of the group members was awarded diamond play buttons.

They are the most popular YouTubers in the United Kingdom. Their net worth is mostly based on YouTube videos or advertising revenue.

Sidemen Net Worth

Their several YouTube channels and outstanding content are what have made them so well-liked. They have created a massively comprehensively concluding transferring critique cuts, video blogs, and issues.

With such as massive net worth, the group of seven YouTubers lives a lavishing and comfortable lifestyle. Their net worth is expected to grow further in the coming years as they are very hardworking.

Sidemen Houses

The Sidemen House, also known as KSI, Miniminter, Zerkaa, and Vikkstar123, is a six-bedroom luxury residence where four of the Sidemen once resided. In 2016, they relocated there.

The mansion, which is one of the largest and most opulent properties in the exclusive Keston Park estate, is said to cost roughly $8,572,500.

The building has a floor area of 15,000 square feet and is situated on a block of land that faces south. If we get information about their individual houses or any other property jointly owned, we will update it immediately.

Sidemen Cars

The Sidemen’s automobiles have evolved into more high profile and remarkable vehicles as they have gotten more well-known and wealthy individually.

Since KSI’s purchase of a Lamborghini Aventador LP700 in 2014, when people became more aware of how much money YouTubers can earn and spend, it has become customary for them to display their pricey vehicles.

The cars owned by other members of the Sidemen are not known. If we get any information regarding this, we will update it immediately.

Sidemen Involvement In Charities

Sidemen have been involved in a number of charitable activities. They worked with Damien “KSI” Damiens’ sister, Deji Olatunji, to collect funds for the Cystic Fibrosis Trust in 2015.

Then, they took part in the “24 Hour Twitch Stream” in October 2015 to raise money for Cancer Research UK.

The event, which was live-streamed on Twitch, raised more than $251,000.

The Sidemen teamed up with YouTubers Keralis and Ethan Gamer TV in December 2015 to live stream on Twitch and raise money for Special Effect, a nonprofit that assists disadvantaged gamers. Over $45,000 was raised at the event.

The Sidemen have their own line of items that includes apparel and accessories. A portion of the sales earnings is donated to charity.

Biggest Milestones In Sidemen Net Worth

The Sidemen solidified its status as a brand in the 2020s. The main Sidemen businesses, Sidemen Clothing Ltd., Sidemen Holdings Ltd., Sidemen Entertainment Ltd., and Sidemen Ventures Ltd., all have their formal headquarters in Worthing, West Sussex, and all seven of the members are directors for those businesses.

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Quotes By Sidemen

There are no such quotes given by the Sidemen group together or individually. If we get information regarding this in the future, we will update it.

Sidemen Social Media Involvements

Sidemen are highly active on all of its social media platforms which include Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube. Their Twitter page is by the name @SidemenClothing, where they have 1 million followers.

The group’s Facebook account is verified by the name Sidemen, where they have 1.1 million followers. For his fans, they update every new thing coming up on their social media handles.

Their Instagram account is verified by the name @sidemen with a massive following of 4.5 million followers. The group updates mostly everything daily on their Instagram handles.


They have an official YouTube channel by the name @Sidemen having 16.5 million subscribers and they upload videos every week.

You can also follow their personal youtube channels and some other channels. So, to stay more connected to the Sidemen’s group, go and check out their social media handles.

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