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Who Is Sean Hannity Dating? Current Wife And Dating History!


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Despite the recent rumors turned evidentiary incidents, Sean Hannity and Ainsley Earhardt aren’t likely to confirm their relationship to the public eye. In fact, the words refraining his personal life from the clutches of media uttered directly by Sean prove his redundancy to public confrontation regarding the topic. According to the sources, Hannity owes his private approach to fame and the consequences of his former love life.

Sean Hannity And Ainsley Not Confirmed Their Relationship Yet

Despite major appearances for years as a couple, Sean and Ainsley aren’t ready to discuss things further in front of the media despite the most brilliant attempts of the paparazzi. Earhardt has been cautious enough about her relationship with Sean and has denied dating or being committed to anyone.

She had repeatedly told in one of the interviews that Sean is a wonderful person and that she enjoys his company. She also went a step further, adding that a woman dating him would be fortunate.

Who Is Sean Hannity Dating Current Wife And Dating History!

Despite the veil on their personal lives, Ainsley has never sighed away from random hits towards their relationships. She has repeatedly gushed over her boyfriend, claiming he is the most generous person she had ever met and how he has helped build careers for many, including herself.

Moreover, she has professed her desire to have more children in the future. Being a renowned person herself, with a journalism degree from the prestigious University of South Carolina, she has been named the best personality of the year by the Metropolitan Magazine, making her a top celebrity in her own rights.

Sean Hannity: Current Relationship And Relationship With Former Wife

Before his involvement with Aisley, Sean Hannity had tied the knot with Jill Rhodes, and their married life prolonged over twenty years. The couple had exchanged glances for the first time in Alabama, ending with a marriage in 1993. They became parents to two children, Sean Patrick and Merri Kelly. Hannity even had his first book dedicated to his lovely family, where he praised them for their support and belief in him.

Sean Hannity Current Relationship And Relationship With Former Wife

However, what perturbs us further is that Hannity is still on good terms with his ex. They even celebrate holidays as a family with their children and attend sports events as a family as well. Moreover, rumors and assumptions are all we have about his current relationship with Ainsley, and it’s better to take this with a grain of salt despite the probabilities.

The two children of Sean and Rhodes, Patrick and Merri, have both graduated from Cold Spring Harbor High, with Patrick being a veteran tennis player from Wake Forest University. Merri attended the University of Michigan, where she also played tennis.

Where It All Began Between Ainsley And Earhardt

Hannity started dating Ainsley Earhardt, his Colleague, in August 2019. Sean Hannity had been hosting her Fox and Friends program from a remote studio in the basement of Hannity’s long island mansion during the pandemic era of COVID 19.

There had been a joint statement made to the media on June 3rd by the couple stating that John and Jill are committed to their children and working hard for their betterment and a brighter future. As parents, they still maintain a close relationship with their children.

Ainsley said they focused on moving ahead in life and dedicating their hard work to their daughter. She honestly wishes each other nothing but the best and has decided to remain friends till the very end of her life. Earhardt said this after her announced pregnancy turned unfortunate miscarriage at that time.

They are currently co-parenting their children in the best way possible. As a TV host, she mentioned her struggles as a single mother and the significant challenges she had to face. She claimed that she wanted to find love repeatedly and demonstrate a loving relationship with Haiden and that destiny had planned her future with the best person of her life.

On the silver screen, Earhardt terminated the statement by absolutely wrigging over Hannity’s generosity and kindness. She started again and again that Sean was a generous man who had helped all of their careers.

Early Life Of Sean Hannity

He was born in New York City to Lillian and Hugh Hannity. Lillian was a stenographer and a correction officer at some county jail. On the other hand, Hugh was a World War II veteran and family-court officer. His grandparents were known to be immigrants from Ireland. Sean grew up in Franklin Square, New York, on Long Island.

Early Life Of Sean Hannity

In his youth, he had been a paperboy delivering issues of the New York Times from one door to another. He then attended Sacred Heart Seminary in Hempstead and St. Pius x Preparatory Seminary, both in New York. He attended Adelphi University shortly but did not graduate from it.

In an interview with Newsweek published on Thursday, Hannity denied talking about his alleged girlfriend and didn’t even mention a wedding coming up or something. This only confirms the unsung story behind the reels and how these two people with broken relationships have turned into paranoids unwilling to accept their personal intimacy in front of the media.

Theories Surrounding Sean Hannity

There are numerous conspiracy theories surrounding Sean Hannity. One of the most abridged and popular ones is his claims of Barack Obama not being a legitimate US Citizen. Then there are his claims regarding the infamous murder of Seth Rich, followed by falsehoods about Hillary Clinton’s health.

Hannity, however, has often acted as the go-to person for the President of the US, going far enough for the context. His criticism also became the headlines when Rober Mueller interfered and questioned the election of Donald Trump. 

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Furthermore, the actor maintained close contact with Trump via phone calls and other means. He was the spokesperson at the lectern during the Trump rally and got infamous as the shadow chief of staff by the White House. These Controversies escalated him as one of the most watched host personalities on cable news and an A-lister radio persona. This also happened in a part of his closeness to Trump.


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