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Ryan Gosling Teases Upcoming ‘Barbie’ Movie


Ryan Gosling goes from lethal undercover agent to literal boy toy, and the actor is extraordinarily excited for enthusiasts to look at his variety in his hotly predicted upcoming projects.  

The famous person sat down with ET’s Lauren Zima whilst selling his new motion mystery The Gray Man, and he ended up sharing a few laughs and teases approximately his imminent function withinside the Barbie movie — and the way his person in The Gray Man in comparison to gambling the tan, roller-blading Ken.

Ryan Gosling Teases Upcoming ‘Barbie’ Movie

“What I failed to understand become simply what number of humans it takes to make a motion hero,” Gosling stated of his high-octane function withinside the undercover agent mystery, wherein the stars contrary to Chris Evans.

Ryan Gosling Teases Upcoming 'Barbie' Movie

In The Gray Man, Gosling stars as Court Gentry, a CIA mercenary who is going rogue whilst he uncovers dust at the agency. He needs to run for his lifestyle as a crew of presidency hitmen — led by the psychopathic Lloyd Hansen (Evans) — hunt him throughout the globe.  

In the movie, an individual (nearly prophetically) refers to Gosling’s individual as a “Ken doll,” which Gosling jokingly said “isn’t an insult at all! I’m pleased with that.”  

Fans were getting revved up for his position as Ken withinside the impending Greta Gerwig-directed Barbie movie, starring Margot Robbie because of the titular Barbie. Set images have proven the brilliant hues and unfashionable wardrobes from one-of-a-kind scenes withinside the movie, however, Gosling teased, “That’s not anything.”  

He marveled that he cannot wait for people to look at the movie. “That’s all I can say, in any other case Mattel will be available and container me up.”  

While he’s “excited” for the public to look at his position in Barbie, Gosling had not anything but the unmitigated reward for The Gray Man — which marks his first movie position seeing that gambling Neil Armstrong in 2018’s First Man.  

“You know, I usually desired to make a movement film, due to the fact they made me fall in love with movies,” Gosling said, explaining why he joined The Gray Man. As this is known by all It simply took him a long term to discover the proper one. 

This movie is perfect so he wants to grow up by watching this type of movie. It has just like the ’80s and ’90s movement movies [vibe], it’s fun, the person’s [have a] humorousness approximately the situations. It’s an escapist movie,” Gosling shared. “And I truly preferred the person.

It turned into a secret agent who would not need to be a secret agent, who as an alternative be at domestic looking Netflix just like the relaxation of us.

You know, he doesn’t need to have something to do with this, however, he has to. So, it made them a thrilling life, and it made him a thrilling person to play.  

The Gray Man hits theaters on July 15 and begins evolving streaming on Netflix on July 22.

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