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Regis Philbin Net Worth, Cause Of Death, Age, Bio!


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American actor, singer, and television host Regis Philbin was prominent in the industry in the 1960s. Philbin is the U.S. television personality with the most hours worked (a title sometimes ascribed to James Brown) and as well he owns the Guinness World Record.

All About Regis Philbin Net Worth, Sources Of Income, Bio!

While Philbin is best known for his work as a TV host, he also hosted a game show called The Neighbors (1975), in which the female contestant had to discover who of her neighbors was spreading rumors about her.

All About Regis Philbin Net Worth, Sources Of Income, Bio

His enthusiasm, New York accent, humor, and off-the-cuff comments are all distinctive hallmarks of his performance style.

After graduating from Notre Dame and serving in the Navy, he had his first taste of television as a page on The Tonight Show in the 1950s. In 1967, Philbin made his debut on national television as the show’s co-host, The Joey Bishop Show.

Most people recognize Philbin as the former host of the nationally syndicated talk show Live! With Regis and Kathie Lee, which he co-hosted with Kathie Lee beginning in 1988.

The show changed its name to Life! with Regis and Kelly in 2001, and former football player Michael Strahan took over hosting duties after Philbin’s departure in 2011.

Full NameRegis Francis Xavier Philbin
ProfessionTelevision presenter, Talk show host, Game show Host, Comedian, Actor, Singer
Sources Of IncomeTV & Game shows
ResidenceGreenwich, Connecticut, US
Date Of Birth24 July 2020
Age88 years
EducationUniversity of Notre Dame 
SpouseCatherine Faylen (m. 1955; div. 1968)​
Joy Senese (m. 1970)
Wealth TypeSelf-made

Key Facts About Regis Philbin

1. His Dad attended that university. Hence, he was given that name

In the Big Apple, Philbin entered this world in the summer of 1931. His father attended Manhattan’s Regis High School. Thus, his parents decided to name their son after the school.

2. He has made more television appearances than anyone else in history.

To date, Philbin has logged more time than anyone else in front of a television camera. In 2004, on his 15,188th hour on television, he surpassed Hugh Downs’ previous record.

3. He was a naval officer

Regis spent most of his adult life working in television, but he has had several other positions. Regis served as a supply officer in the U.S. Navy for several years in the 1950s before he attempted a career in broadcasting.

4. An Encourager Alter His Future

When Philbin was still serving in the Navy, a higher-ranking officer started conversing with him. When he returned to civilian Life, the police officer inquired about his plans. Philbin timidly confessed that he was considering a career in television but was doubtful about his chances. The man’s reply had a profound impact on young Regis.

5. At First, He Didn’t Feel at Home

After finishing his time in the Navy, Philbin became a page at NBC. This position is what allowed him to break into the television industry. Moreover, because so many famous people passed through the studios where he worked, he got to rub elbows with them regularly. Regis was starstruck daily in his role as a page, and he struggled to adjust.

6. He accidentally made his television debut

Our future star had the task of holding the elevator for vocalist Eddie Fisher as he walked towards it for his grand exit at the end of a performance that Philbin was working on. Shortly after the young Regis took the elevator’s controls, the camera focused on him.

7. His First TV Appearance Was on The Rocky

During his early days in television, Philbin worked for several local shows. His new gig is as a staff writer for Tom Duggan’s talk show.

8. His Ingenuity Averted Disaster

For Philbin’s first solo hosting gig, he had to fight for every dollar. The network probably didn’t want to risk a significant investment on a newcomer.

9. He Initially Failed

Eventually, Philbin became one of the most famous T.V. personalities, but his career path wasn’t always so glamorous. It was abruptly canceled only four months into the run of his first national talk program.

But it wasn’t all his fault; he was stepping into shoes many viewers felt could never be filled by anybody else.

Inadvertently, he aided the beginning of someone else’s professional Life.

However, another television legend was born due to the cancellation of Philbin’s first talk show.

Regis Philbin Sources Of Income

  • Regis Philbin amassed a fortune through his participation in a wide variety of talk and game shows. He also has a side hustle selling albums of his songs.
  • Also, besides Just You, the other albums included The Regis Philbin Christmas Album. 
Regis Philbin Sources Of Income

Top Regis Philbin Bets

In 2008, he purchased a home in Greenwich, Connecticut, that spanned 13,661 square feet. He paid $7.2 million for it, yet in 2019 he’s still selling it for $4.95 million. He and his wife Joy sold their Greenwich, Connecticut home in 2011 for $3 million. The pair also spent $2.5 million on a condo in Beverly Hills in 2016.

Regis Philbin Net Worth

According to sources, Regis Philbin has a net worth of around $150 million.

The late Regis Philbin was a popular T.V. host who, among other things, co-hosted the morning show ‘Live!’ and later presided over the game show ‘Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?’ A large portion of his income comes from acting in films and T.V. series.

Regis Philbin Net Worth

The famous talk show host Regis Philbin was born in New York City in 1931, raised in the Bronx, and educated at Notre Dame. Before becoming a co-host on Live!, he appeared on various television shows. Start with Live!

With Kelly and Regis and then move on to Regis and Kathie Lee. Philbin has also presented the primetime game program Who Wants to Be a Millionaire.

Regis Philbin’s net worth can be determined by deducting his debts from his total assets. His total assets comprise his investments, savings, cash deposits, and any equity in a vehicle, home, or similar item.

Defaulted credit card bills, overdue utility bills, and unpaid parking tickets all count as liabilities.

Regis Philbin House

According to the Wall Street Journal, Regis and Joy Philbin have put their Greenwich, Connecticut, estate up for sale for $4.595 million, a figure significantly less than what they purchased just about ten years ago.

The Philbin’s have a lifelong property in a rural setting about forty miles from New York City, complete with a pool, a guesthouse, a tennis court, and a large automobile court.

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Quotes By Regis Philbin

Regis Philbin’s famous quote is, “I guess people are curious whether or not my personality changes when I’m in front of the camera, and the answer is no. It’s just something I’m constantly being prompted to do”.

Regis Philbin Cause Of Death

According to a statement sent by his family, Regis Philbin passed away from “natural causes.” Coronavirus was not mentioned in the family’s report, and there is no evidence to suggest that COVID-19 contributed to his death.

According to the update, Philbin passed away at age 88, a whole month before he would have turned 89.

His loved ones will never forget his kindness, famed sense of humor or uncanny knack for turning even the most mundane days into a hilarious tale. 

As of late, Philbin’s T.V. appearances had been sparse. However, Closer Weekly noted that he made a public appearance in March 2019 at 87 and appeared in good health.

He assured Closer that he was in excellent health due to his retirement lifestyle of daily statin medicine, a balanced diet, and regular exercise.

He claimed that he could see his kids in New York and California if he cared for his health.

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