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Ranking Of Kings Season 2 Release Date & Plot!!


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Sosuke Toka is the author and artist of the seinen manga series Ranking of Kings. Since May of this year, it has been available on the publisher Enterbrain’s Manga Hack website. From October 15, 2021, through March 25, 2022, Fuji TV’s noitaminA time slot aired a 23-episode anime adaptation produced by Wit Studio. We’ll talk about the possibility of the second season of Ranking of Kings in this article.

When Will The Second Season Of Ranking Of Kings Be Released?

The return of Ranking of Kings for a second season has yet to be officially announced for the time being. Only a year ago, the first season of this popular seinen manga aired, yet there haven’t been any more works based on it. Despite this, the second season for Ranking of Kings is likely given its popularity.

Ranking Of Kings Season 2 Release Date & Plot!!

We don’t know which chapters of the continuing manga series will be adapted for a possible Season 2 of Ranking of Kings. Due to a lack of information, we don’t know how far the second season will go, if it even happens. Nothing else but the show’s characters’ adventures will be explored.

Prince Bojji, the young heir to the Herculean throne, is in critical decline and lacks the profile to succeed him. Society’s ridicule falls on him because he is deaf and cannot handle a sword, making him a target of ridicule for everyone.

If he takes the throne, the country will fall in the rankings of kings, whose primary criterion is the might of the sovereigns. Daida, the youngest prince, has the most support from the people, according to this perspective.

Bojji, on the other hand, is permanently beaming. Even when a mysterious shadow commands him to hand over his garments, he does so willingly because the boy has found a conversation companion for the first time in his life. It appears that this odd criminal can decipher his speech. Bojji then discloses to him his greatest ambition: to become the world’s greatest king ever!

Is there a release date for season 2 of Ranking of Kings?

First, the manga’s first 12 volumes were covered in Season 1, now referred to as ‘Part 1. Sosuke Toka began writing the series in 2017, and the twelfth book was released in December, but the first volume was released in February of this year. Toka had to write it for at least three years to have enough content for the current adaptation.

New volumes will be released every four months following the one book every four-month rule. Chapter 191 of Ranking of Kings has now been completed. As a result, fans will have to wait almost two and a half years for the anime’s second season to be released.

If everyone is positive and the second season gets greenlit, we expect to see it sometime in late 2024. If WIT Studios opted to develop a 12-episode second season instead, this might happen sooner.

The Tokyo International Forum will host a ‘Summer Festival Special Event’ day on July 10, 2022, for those who want to know the future of anime. There may be news about Bojji and Kage’s future, even if the event is only meant to celebrate Ranking of Kings with panels including the voice cast.

Ranking of Kings season one was also directed by an all-star crew, including principal director Makoto Fuchigami (Soul Eater), director Yousuke Hatta (Death Parade, One Punch Man), and assistant director Arifumi Imai (Death Parade, One Punch Man) (Attack On Titan).

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