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Nvidia confirms it is investigating an ‘incident’ said to be a cyber attack


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Nvidia confirms it the edgeAnd the BloombergAnd the Reutersand others that he is investigating an “accident” – hours after telegraph mentioned The graphics giant has been hit by a devastating cyberattack that “leads to a complete breach” of the company’s internal systems over the past two days.

We are investigating an accident. Our business and commercial activities continue without interruption. We are still evaluating the nature and scope of the event and do not have any additional information to share at this time,” said a statement via Nvidia spokesperson Hector Marines.

even in telegraphSources do not indicate that Nvidia necessarily has any data stolen or deleted, and there is no current indication that the “incident” may be related to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, although Cyber ​​attacks were part of the attackAnd the Internet infrastructure was also a target there.

Bloomberg Report now It was a simple ransomware attack, according to a “person familiar with the incident”.

[ALERT] The LAPSUS ransomware gang leaked the credentials of NVIDIA employees. It announced that it would soon release 1 TB of stolen data. pic.twitter.com/0WVb7G88So

– DarkTracer: DarkWeb Criminal Intelligence (darktracer_int) February 26, 2022

Early Saturday morning, Dark Web intelligence company DarkTracer chirp That $ Lapsus, the ransomware gang Recently linked to an attack on Portugal’s largest TV channel, claimed responsibility, leaked what it says was a password hash to Nvidia employees, and noted that it contained other data including source code and information related to RTX GPUs. Sofian Taheri Post a later message from the group to TwitterThey alleged that the company tried to delete its data in a virtual machine via a VPN and the device management platform you’re using. They seem to claim that they still have a backup of the data they threaten to leak. There is still no public indication that this incident is linked to the Russian invasion.

If a US-based company like Nvidia is targeted, it could lead to US retaliation. “If Russia launches cyber attacks against our companies, and our critical infrastructure, we are ready to respond,” President Biden said during his speech Thursday.

While the alleged attack was said to disrupt Nvidia’s email, we received Nvidia’s statement today from an Nvidia email address.

Nvidia also mysteriously asked the press late on Wednesday night to postpone a minor announcement that was to arrive on Thursday, without providing an explanation. This timing corresponds to when telegraph Reports that Nvidia systems have been hacked.

Update, 5:47 PM ET: He added that Bloomberg is now citing a source that the “incident” was a ransomware attack.

Update, Feb 26, 6:37ET: Added information about Lapsus$ Group claiming responsibility for the ransomware attack.


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