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Nicki Minaj Drops First Trailer For Her 6-Part Documentary Series Nicki Coming Soon!!


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Onika Tanya Maray-Petty, professionally known as Nicki Minaj, has incited the eyeballs of her fans to her first trailer for the documentary titled, Nicki. The Trinidadian rapper, who is popular for her unique song lyrics and accents, has shared a two-minute long trailer on her Twitter, after breaking the wait of her million fans.  The Super Bass singer then penned under the short clip that read, ‘COMING SOON’ on Thursday. Minaj wrote that the audience would not know that they were in need of Nicki’s documentary until it was released. 

Nicki Minaj Drops First Trailer For Her 6-Part Documentary

The trailer introduces the rapper coupled with a voice-over that says that she was not going to get a step-by-step guide on how to become a popular rapper. Just after the voice, Minaj, 39 was seen rapping in high energy.

The Majesty rapper then continues the aforementioned statement by adding her lines which said that anyone would learn as they give it a try, coupled with a slew of pictures of the hitmaker during her arena performance, clicks with her fans, and her departure in a private plane. 

Nicki Minaj Drops First Trailer For Her 6-Part Documentary Series Nicki Coming Soon!!

In the following scene, Minaj is seen talking about her younger self who was adamant about success, at the same time, was not afraid of any failure. Minaj, standing at the peak of her career, addresses herself saying that the older version was bold enough to flourish as a rapper, whereas at that time, female rappers were not to be seen. 

By playing Chun Li, in which the artist appeared as a Chinese fighter with the name Chun Li, Nicky Minaj said that she has been fighting for the young girls who are persistent in believing that they could never win.

The video then leads the audience to the exceptional moment where the Blank Space singer, Taylor Swift was seen appreciating Minaj on her Twitter. 

The statement written by Tylor made her fans click on the Super Bass song as the icon mentioned that she was repeatedly listening to Minaj’s Super Bass, while she was heading back from her tiring rehearsals. 


After the very shot, Minaj explains how she is serious about rapping as it is like a kind of art for her and she also explained that she was never chasing lamestream but it was reversed.

Minaj, in her next word, revealed that the whole industry was not supportive of what she was doing and at times she had to go on a hiatus due to the adverse reaction given to her. The star not only mentioned her case but talked about the whole female rappers who are not dignified as male rappers by the industry big names. 

From her utterance, it is clear that as a female rapper Minaj has had to overcome a number of battles, although the 39-year-old rapper is equally or even more talented than the remaining majority. 

Nicky Minaj Documentary Trailer

In the documentary trailer, she said that the world has made her think that she was doing something wrong. The mogul then continued saying that at times of giving up, she used to console herself, by patting herself saying that it was okay, but revealed that things often pushed her down when she was only focusing on her work. 

Finally, the tycoon in a steady voice said that it was high time that she embraced herself and her journey as she was about to love herself for whatever she was made to come through. 

In between the voice representation, the screen was filled with a slew of images that portrayed Minaj’s successful journey along with her happy moments with her husband, Kenneth Petty, 44.

Coupled with her 2014 single, Moment 4 Life, playing in the background, the chart-hopper again, mesmerized her fans by taking them to her personal life, where she explained that since she started rapping, she has become stronger than ever before and that rapping is like oxygen to the bloomed star, as music something that helps her be conscious and if that was not for music, then should have been insane a long ago.

She also recalled one of her experiences, in which Minaj was in actuality wishing for the night to stay even longer so that the moment does not fade away.

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The trailer itself gave a hint of rawness in the story shared by Minaj who recently penned in her Instagram that certain scary-personal things must be handled with care and thanked her well-wishers for constantly pouring in with love and support. 

The documentary is said to have six parts, yet no information about the release of even the first installment has not been announced yet. The only known thing so far is that the documentary would be published soon. 


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