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NATO: Exercises with 30,000 troops and 50 warships on the Norwegian border


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Great military training Cold answer 2022 It started NATO Within its boundaries Russia. They participate in training 30,000 soldiers, 200 aircraft and 50 warships, And conducted Norway Amid rising Russia – Western tensions over Moscow’s invasion Ukraine.
“# ColdResponse22 is a long-planned, defensive exercise that brings together thousands of troops from NATO allies and allies, testing their capabilities to serve in cold weather on land, air and sea across Norway.” According to the Euro-Atlantic Alliance Twitter. The participating troops come from more than 25 countries in Europe and North America. The exercise, which takes place every two years, is considered the largest NATO Is carried out a few miles from the Russian border, while its completion time is expected April 1st. General Ingwe Otlow, who is in charge of training, told TV2.A defensive exercise “ And clarified “It is not a military operation aimed at aggression. “.

Fighting the cold

Its importance was enhanced due to the Russian invasion

It was planned long before the Russian invasion Ukraine Announced eight months ago NATO This makes it clear that it was not linked to the Russian invasion – its importance is now considered to have increased, due to the landscape it created.

The purpose of the troops is to co-operate in ground, air and sea combat exercises under NATO’s Section 5, which states that member states must assist a member during an attack.

According to the Norwegian Armed Forces, detailed information has already been provided to the Russian side and the Russian Ministry of Defense as this is seen as an important step in avoiding misunderstandings and potentially unnecessary conflicts. However Moscow Refused to attend training.


Defense, war and survival in the Arctic

Circumstances in which military training takes place are considered particularly severe because participants must learn to defend themselves, fight, and survive. Arctic environment. The training also includes procedures for many things, such as what a soldier should do if he falls into the snow while carrying 20 kilograms of military equipment.

The exercises will be conducted with real fire, while the players will be able to cross frozen lakes, go through the ice, train in the most difficult environments and develop vital skills, which can be responsive in any way. Threat or crisis.

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