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With a lead of 11.3 points, N.D.


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Accuracy is the greatest source of concern and concern for Greek citizens, however, and at the same time does not deviate from the thoughts of the majority of the population that is going on. Conflicts in Ukraine It could turn into a new world war following the Russian invasion. Says the general opinion of Greece Accuracy In battle and inside International energy crisis He agrees with the sanctions imposed on the Russian economy, while believing that he is on the side of law-abiding Ukrainians. As the results of a poll conducted on his behalf show, the country’s key political connections remain unchanged.Theme“Company Mark Two weeks after the conflict erupted on Ukrainian soil.


Clustering trends

In order to ensure the tendency of the citizens to rally around leaders who guarantee stability, the ruling party is increasing its vote share by one per cent and expanding its presence slightly beyond the opposition and the opposition. Specific measurement in 11.3 units.

The strength of most systems is slightly fluctuating and the view emanating from the measurement has not changed from the image presented in the last quarter. Election of Nikos Androlakis ND led the movement for change to attract 6.8% of the electorate and 11.8% of SYRIZA voters. Everything shows that the war in the central region will determine the outcome of the next election. At the present stage, among those who declare themselves to be “centrists”, N.T. Follow KIN.AL./ with 28.9%PASOK With 25% and SYRIZA 18.8%.

Meanwhile, at high levels, Prime Minister Kriagos Mitsotakis is popular, and his positive comments far outweigh the intent of voting in the ND. And reaches 45.5%. The popularity of Nikos Andrologis (43.7%), the leader of the movement for change, has also increased, ranking third behind Alexis Tsipras (with 29.2%). Next are Dimitris Kautsumbas (24.5%), Giannis Vorofakis (19.8%) and Griagos Velopoulos (16.4%).


An additional sign of the desire to consolidate stability is the great reluctance of most citizens to face the opportunity to set up referendums in advance. According to opinion polls, a majority of 54.7% want elections to take place next year at the end of the government’s four-year term, with 27.5% in favor of getting direct votes (which is a demand, mainly shared by SYRIZA fans) and 15.2% wanting to take place this fall. In the same vein, it is not surprising that citizens prefer sovereign governments. One-fourth of those surveyed, or 25.1% of respondents, preferred ND’s autonomous government, while 12.1% preferred its autonomy. SYRIZA. SYRIZA-KIN.AL. 14.6% want a coalition government and 13.4% support a ND coalition. – ΑΛ.ΑΛ. A further 10% want to form a coalition government with three major parties. As far as citizens’ concerns about accuracy are concerned, it is not surprising that negative feedback outweighs the positive in government assessments made by citizens.


To be precise, 45.1% of survey participants have a positive sign on government policy and 53.9% have a negative one. It is noteworthy that men and the elderly are our biggest fans, while six out of ten voters in the movement for change are positive. It should be noted, however, that on the contrary, the negative comments of the SYRIZA government have not backed down. 45.3% of citizens believe the situation will be worse if the official opposition has the fate of the country, compared to only 17.1% – one percent less than the target for voting for SYRIZA – which is good. There will be no political change in 2019.

One in three citizens, moreover, believes that the situation in the country will remain the same no matter who is in charge of the regime. According to citizens’ responses, more than eight in ten are concerned about market accuracy and price increases (82.3%), while war concerns are at the same level (80.6%). On the contrary, the anxiety of the two seems to recede International spread (32.2%), which dominated the previous two years, and developments in the Greco-Turkish language (21.7%) are a source of reflection over time.


Raised bills

Increased electricity tariffs (53.7%), increased costs for food delivery (50.5%), more expensive petrol (47.3%) we pay for transportation, as well as higher prices for the oil and gas we use. Factors that set fire to family budgets for heating (37.3%).

However, with the exception of SYRIZA supporters, 42.1% of them are in the majority, with 45.6% of the general public viewing war as the cause of rising prices, with the view that government policy is responsible for accuracy. International energy crisis.

World War II is terrible

Western sanctions on Russia are justified ■ The majority of Greeks are on the side of Ukraine வர்கள் Those who identify themselves as leftists are in favor of Moscow ஆம் Yes in the conversation between Athens and Ankara


Despite the obvious problems caused by wars around the world UkraineWhile Greek public opinion strongly supports sanctions against Russia, it seems to be expressing solidarity with the suffering Ukrainian people, believing that the law is on its side.

The sentiment generated by the findings of the measurement is that the growing sympathy for Russia and its current leader, traditionally the vast majority of the Greek population, has diminished considerably, mainly due to common religious beliefs.


Memories from Cyprus

Vladimir Putin’s unprovoked invasion of neighboring countries seems to have triggered reactions to both the memories of the Greeks from the Turkish invasion of Cyprus and the continuing threats made by Ankara against our islands demanding their militarization. In particular, according to the Mark poll, 48.1% of Greeks believe that Ukraine is right, while 20% believe it is true for Russia.

All social, age and ideological groups are in favor of Kiev, except those who accept the Kremlin’s claims and identify themselves as leftists. In this sense, more than six in ten Greeks say that 29.6% have accepted sanctions against Moscow. Finally, seven out of ten are concerned that the conflict could lead to World War II, while 30.7% of respondents face the situation calmly. Finally, the answers given by citizens to a question related to them are very general Greco-Turkish relations.


Alternative approach

Two out of three Greeks support a dialogue with Turkey, while 32.2% support the idea that our country should harden its position. From the climate echoed by the referendum results, it is clear that images of the atrocities of the war in Ukraine reach television through daily receivers in all Greek families leading the majority to compromise approaches to resolving international conflicts.

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