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Who Is Michelle Heaton Married To? Did She Leave ‘Days From Death’ Battling Alcohol Addiction?


Michelle Heaton and Andy Scott-Lee married in a spectacular winter wonderland-themed wedding 14 years ago. Having made her name as a result of her appearance on the reality television show Popstars, Michelle’s hottie husband is a member of the boy band 3SL and the brother of Steps singer Lisa Scott-Lee. Michelle is married to her husband, and they have two children.

Who Is Michelle Heaton Married To?

Among the men, Andy accused Michelle of cheating on him with was Andy’s best friend and former EastEnders star, Matt Di Angelo. Andy, who was distraught at the time, told the Sunday Mirror that once she started cheating, she couldn’t stop. He claims that only after seven months of marriage that he discovers Michelle is having an affair with another man. 

Who Is Michelle Heaton Married To Did She Leave 'Days From Death' Battling Alcohol Addiction

Andy accused Michelle of numerous adulteries, including having an affair with the nephew of a former England footballer while on a girls’ vacation in Marbella. Michelle denied all of Andy’s allegations.

When Michelle confessed to kissing another man on the final night of the holiday, she characterized the kiss as a “dumb and inebriated” blunder. Michelle admitted to Andy that she confessed to him right away after returning home since she felt guilty. Her denial of having an affair with Matt Di Angelo, an actor who appears on daytime television shows, is telling. 

Michelle Heaton, who was battling alcoholism at the time of her death, died ‘days from death.’ Michelle Heaton, a former Liberty X actress, has spoken up about her drug and alcohol addiction struggle, which came close to taking her life.

On Thursday, her appearance on Loose Women marked her first sobriety anniversary, which she celebrated with her co-stars. When the mother of two was informed of her condition by medical personnel, she characterized herself as “extremely unwell” with “translucent skin.” Michelle finished a 28-day stay at the Priory treatment clinic after her release from the hospital, which she claims “saved” her from further harm. 

Michelle shared with the panelists that she was dealing with a great degree of guilt due to her failure to be present for her children when they needed her the most. When asked about her family, she admitted in an interview that “it’s so sad to say it, it’s disgusting, but they often got in the way [of my addiction].” “I couldn’t give them a hug or a pat on the back because I was too busy.

When she was at the Priory, her husband Hugh wrote her a letter, which she released with the world in part because she felt it was necessary. Because you are my best friend, I am no longer capable of interacting with anyone else. Michelle sobbed uncontrollably after revealing that she had completely surrendered to her drug addiction. 

Michelle’s words impacted the audience, and many of them expressed their feelings on social media. According to Jill Beddoes ‘ book, a double mastectomy followed by the onset of menopause at a young age is what Michelle Heaton has gone through. It’s not unexpected that she was in such emotional turmoil.

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