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Michele Morrone Net Worth, Age, Sources Of Income!


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One of the most famous film debuts of Michele Morrone is 365 Day. He is an Italian actor, singer, and guitarist. He attended Pavia, Italy’s Teatro Fraschini, to hone his acting chops.

Things You Need To Know About Michele Morrone Net Worth, Bio!

First on stage, then in a few short films, Morrone finally made his feature debut in the online series Second Chance in 2011. After then, he appeared in a ton of Italian TV shows. His career took off after his role in the film 365 Days. He’s got an album, a clothing line, and a bunch of endorsement deals.

Things You Need To Know About Michele Morrone Net Worth, Bio

In the film, he portrayed the role of Massimo. In addition, he has made guest appearances in a wide variety of TV episodes and movies, including Medici, Bar-Joseph, etc. He has collaborated with a wide range of famous faces in his career. In addition to his acting talents, he is also a fantastic musician and vocalist. 

As an actor, he appeared in a wide variety of programs. The well-known actor is a fitness ninja. He bulks out physically. He is pretty good at keeping up his strength and endurance. He works out for longer than four hours every day. He also takes care to eat a balanced diet.

Full NameMichele Morrone
ProfessionActor, Model, Singer, Fashion Designer 
Sources Of IncomeActing career
ResidenceRome, Italy
Date Of Birth3 October 1990
Age31 years
ChildrenMarcudo Morrone, Brado Morrone
SpouseRouba Saadeh (m. 2014–2018)
Wealth TypeSelf-made

Key Facts About Michele Morrone

1. He’s a skilled musician: Michele is not only a skilled actor but also a gifted vocalist. His music was used in the film 365 DNI, with clear identification as the singer. The song “Feel It” features Morrone’s vocals.

2. Michele was previously married to a fashion designer: From 2013 to 2018, Michele Morrone married Lebanese fashion designer Rouba Saadeh. They were divorced after having two kids together. Many speculate that Michele’s interest in fashion can be traced back to Rouba Saadeh, the founder of the lifestyle brands Le Paradis Des Focus.

3. Michelle Morrone Worked as A Gardner: To make ends meet following his divorce in 2018, Michele Morrone settled in a secluded Italian community of only a thousand people and took a job as a gardener. Thankfully, he was selected to portray Massimo, and his performance propelled him to international stardom.

4. He is a dad of two: Michele’s children from his marriage are named Marcudo and Brado. He frequently posts videos to social media featuring his children and has even done a live show with one of them. The actor from 365 Days has spoken publicly about how his children’s departure marked a turning point in his life. The actor once revealed that the release of his children was a turning point in his life.

5. He was born in Italy: Michele Morrone’s 365 DNI character Massimo, like the actor himself, has Italian roots. He was born and raised in Bitonto, the youngest and only son in his family. In search of better employment opportunities, the family relocated to Melegnano, a tiny community of around 15,000 people not far from Milan. Morrone also grew up in southern Italy, in the region of Apulia.

7. Michele speaks three languages: Michele sings in English but also speaks Arabic and Italian. His fluency in both languages has contributed to his efforts to expand his profession internationally. Since he felt compelled to communicate with his two children in Beirut, Lebanon, he studied the language. His music was recorded in English. Understanding more than one language is a distinct advantage.

6. He’s a creative person: He has many talents, but one of his favorites is painting. On Instagram, he has posted several “Stories” that offer sneak peeks into his workspace and provide insight into the artistic process. In contrast to his often-dark earlier works, he now enjoys using bright colors to create striking visuals.

7. Michele’s depressive episodes included: When he and his wife separated in 2018, he almost gave up acting permanently. He had previously admitted that the divorce from his wife had left him in deep despair.

8. Italy Knew Who He Was: Even though Michele Morrone didn’t become a household name outside of Italy until 2020, he had been a star in his own country since 2015 when he began appearing in little parts in stage productions. As of 2017, his career was booming thanks to his role in the hit TV series Sirene.

Michele Morrone Sources Of Income

After finishing the acting program at Teatro Fraschini di Pavia, Michele Morrone launched his acting career. He made his way into the theatre and quickly became a critically acclaimed actor. Because of this, he decided to upgrade to a giant television. ‘Il tempo di una cigarette ‘is one of his earliest works.

Michele Morrone Sources Of Income

When he appeared in the drama series Che Dio ci aiuti, he received much attention and a boost to his career. The following year, in 2012, he has featured in the film E la vita continua.

Michele continued to appear on TV and in supporting roles in films until 2019’s “Bar-Joseph,” in which he played the lead character of Luigi.

He struggled to break through, but his breakthrough came when he was chosen to play Massimo in ‘365 Days‘. His future endeavors are currently being managed by “Take off Artist Management,” and he is working under their banners. Michele is not only a fantastic actor but also a skilled guitarist. 

Michele Morrone Net Worth

There are rumors that Michele Morrone is having a net worth of around $5 million. Not only that, but his performances provide him with a comfortable income.

Michele Morrone Net Worth

One of his sources of income is serving as an endorser for several companies. Dolce & Gabbana and Falconeri have benefited from his backing, among others.

Michele Morrone Car Collection

Michele’s cars include:

Lamborghini Huracan

• Ferrari F12 Berlinetta

• Mercedes-Benz GLE 53

Michele Morrone Social Media Involvements

The internet loves Michele Morrone. @iammichelemorroneofficial, his Instagram, has over 9.8 million followers. Following the Netflix debut of 365 Days, Morrone’s Instagram following skyrocketed to over 2 million in a single day.

His site is located at Michele-morrone.com. Since its inception on January 17, 2020, his eponymous YouTube channel has amassed more than 107 million views and well over a million followers.

As of this writing, it has been seen over 11 million times and liked over 793,000 times. More than 395 thousand people have enjoyed his official Facebook profile, and over 469 thousand people follow him there.

• Michele Morrone’s YouTube Channel:

Michele’s channel has over 169K subscribers and 35M total views (June 8, 2020). His “Feel It” music video has been watched 14 million times, which makes it the most popular video on his channel.

• Michele Morrone’s Instagram:

He recently surpassed one million Instagram followers (June 8, 2020). Some of Michele Morrone’s slick photoshoot images have been posted to Instagram.


Michele Morrone’s state of depression:

When he and Rouba Saadeh split up, he fell into a deep depression. In an Instagram post, he revealed that he was planning to quit his career as an actor. He worked as a gardener in a tiny outlying community to make ends meet. After a year since his divorce was final, he intended to return his full attention to acting.

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How Much Does Michele Morrone Earn?

The average annual salary for Michele Morrone is calculated to be $311,9 thousand. Michele Morrone’s channel has 5.2 million monthly views and roughly 173,28 thousand daily views as of the last 30 days. Monetized channels on YouTube generate income through the display of advertisements. 

Tracks monetized on YouTube can make anything from $3 to $7 for every 1,000 views.

Based on this information, we estimate that Michele Morrone’s YouTube channel earns $20.0k per month and $311,000 yearly from advertising. Our best guess could be way off. Michele Morrone may make up to $561,4348 every year. 

Michele Morrone may benefit from other streams of income. Popular YouTubers often receive financial support from advertisers, but they can increase their earnings by promoting their wares. They might even be able to book speaking engagements.

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