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EntertainmentnewsMama June Awarded $5K After Suing Her Former Friend...

Mama June Awarded $5K After Suing Her Former Friend On Live Court TV Show!


As a plaintiff, Mama June appeared on the Wednesday episode of Court Night Live only to sue her former friend Adam Barta, the popular YouTuber.  A&E’s Court Night Live on Wednesday aired its episode where Mama June Shannon sued her long-back pal Adam Barta. The Mama June: Road to Redemption star marked her legal victory at the court. 

The filing cited the complaint as Mr.Barta failed to make a payment to Shannon, who day and night worked along with Barta throughout the months of February, March, April, May, June, July, and August, as an executive producer for his upcoming television show The Dish. The lawsuit had clearly mentioned that Shannon was never paid for her long-time contribution which Barta initially promised.

Mama June Awarded $5K After Suing Her Former Friend

During her CNL appearance, Shannon spoke about how Barta was making use of her fame and goodwill solely for his financial gains, as he was previously aware that Shannon was a shining star on TV for 11 consecutive years.

Mama June Awarded $5K After Suing Her Former Friend On Live Court TV Show!

When asked why she did not suggest an agreement during the early stage of her involvement, Shannon replied saying that she was entirely immersed in the management duties, where she was doing her stuff with no external support, and also said that she did not expect him to ask for her assistance every now and then. 

She added that she had a gut feeling of her former friend using her for his personal and monetary purposes, whereas she was not placed in a position to offer someone a production deal when she herself was running a show on the other side. 

For his part, Barta of course denied whatever allegations were coming his way as went on to decline the accusation put forward by his so-called best friend, Mama June, where he elucidated his statement by saying that no kind of financial agreement was signed by both parties as he only texted her contract, which neither she ignored nor accepted/signed. Barta clarified to the judge that the contract was never acknowledged or confirmed by Mama June, however, he promised that Shannon would definitely be paid for her involvement in his yet-to-release television special. 

Moreover, Barta seemed quite emotional although he was speaking well before the jury as he said that the relationship between the duo was built over years after their years of collaboration.

As the verdict, it was ultimately announced in favor of Shannon, where the judge asserted that it was Shannon’s celebrity status that drew the attention of Barta and made him stick to her like “a moth to a flame” and thus he was ordered to pay her the requested amount of $5000 and also to mention Shannon on the list of producers on the project.

Although Shannon was a plaintiff in the lawsuit, Barta professed that all he wanted at the moment was their friendship and that she would be accepted as one of the executive producers of his show, which had a special place in his heart. 

Following the ruling, Shannon confronted the camera and said that Barta was actually getting a good deal as she only claimed $5000, which was far less than the normal amount that starts from $25,000. She further wished him the best on his upcoming show and told the outlet that she was also concerned about Barta spending the money that he had put aside for his dearest project, to pay her in such a way.

The two shared the screen in May 2021, for a special episode of Barta’s Celebrity Couch Coaster, where Shannon joined her longtime pal with her then-boyfriend Geno Doak. In their conversation, Shannon mentioned how she was trying to help Barta on his new show, as they were highly intending to make plenty of money in the process. The lawsuit was not rocket science for the We TV reality star.

Looking back to her history, she has a countable number of legal issues scattered throughout several years. In 2019, Shannon and her former boyfriend Doak were alleged to keep possession of the unlawful substance and were charged for the custody of the drug paraphernalia. Doak was also arrested for his third-degree domestic violence. Shortly after, Shannon revealed that she and Doak used to spend $2,500 on meth a day.

1n 2014, it was proved that Shannon was linked to Mark Mcdaniel, also her ex, in his sex illegal sexual activities which compelled the showrunners of Here Comes Honey Boo Boo to expel Shannon from the show. Later that year, McDaniel was again charged with a case of the sexual allegation by Shannon’s daughter Anna, who claimed that he was touching her here and there, while he was dating her mother.

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