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Malika Andrews Net Worth, Age, Height, Sources Of Income!


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A well-known journalist, Malika Andrews, was born in the USA. Malika Rose Andrews is her full name. She began working for ESPN in October 2018 as an online NBA writer and made her broadcasting debut as the network’s youngest sideline reporter for the 2020 NBA All-Star Game.

All You Need To Know About Malika Andrews Net Worth, Bio!

Moreover, Malika was among the first journalists to cover the conclusion of the 2019-20 NBA season from the Bubble at ESPN’s Wide World of Sports Complex in 2020.

All You Need To Know About Malika Andrews Net Worth, Bio

She’s a funny, original individual with a great sense of self-deprecation. She became well-known for her performances. Simply put, she is one of the most popular girls on Instagram right now.

Her Instagram feed is rife with pictures of her in various stylish ensembles and modeling gigs. Malika’s fame across different online mediums keeps growing.

Several companies from all around the world have taken notice of her because of the enormous amount of attention she receives, due to her originality and innovation.

Her stunning good looks, endearing smile, chic sense of style, and lively character helped catapult her to fame, and fascinating photos and videos further added to her increasing fan base. Even her popularity on social media is skyrocketing. 

Full NameMalika Rose Andrews
ProfessionSports Journalist, Reporter
Sources Of IncomeJournalism
ResidenceOakland, California, United States
Date Of Birth27 January 1995
Age27 years
EducationUniversity of Portland
Boyfriend/SpouseDave McMenamin
Wealth TypeSelf-made

Key Facts About Malika Andrews

  • She is a famous ESPN reporter that covers national and international sports news and politics.
  • Almost without a doubt, she attended a high school in her immediate California area.
  • Basketball and horseback riding are two of her favorite pastimes.
  • At Portland State University, she was the school newspaper editor.
  • She earnestly desires to write about a famous athlete or a few different national teams.

Malika Andrews Sources Of Income

Malika Andrews of ESPN is rumored to get between $50,000 and $78,000 annually. Andrews makes the majority of his money as a sports reporter. The Jump was replaced by NBA Today, which she also hosts. She and her family live in lavish mansions and drive expensive luxury automobiles. 

Malika Andrews Sources Of Income

Her years of experience and dedication to the field make her one of the top reporters, although she does not usually flaunt her assets on Instagram. Andrews dresses lavishly and alluringly while transmitting.

In addition, she lives vicariously through social media, documenting her magical vacation, job interviews, and other pursuits with frequent updates. 

She started as an online NBA journalist for ESPN in October of 2018, and also, she covered her first NBA game from the sidelines in 2020. 

Malika Andrews Net Worth

The estimated worth of Malika Andrews is $100,000. She is widely regarded as one of the best sports journalists in the United States.

Malika Andrews Net Worth

Andrews worked for her maternal grandfather’s civil rights law company for a year before she went to the University of Portland to study communications, a degree she received in 2017.

Malika Andrews College & Early Journalism

At the University of Portland, Andrews pursued BA in communications. She made friends among the staff of the student newspaper, The Beacon.

These people influenced and encouraged Andrews to start contributing to the newspaper with his writing. Also, Andrews had already served as the Sports Editor and Editor-in-Chief of The Beacon before graduating in 2017.

Andrews received awards from the Society of Professional Journalists, the National Association of Black Journalists, and the Columbia Scholastic Press Association during his time at The Beacon.

She was named the 2016 “Best Writer” among Oregon College Scholars and received a grant from the National Association of Black Journalists.

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Malika’s Parents Were There For Her When She Developed An eating Disorder And Suffered With Her Mental Health:

  • Malika’s dad Mike and mom, Caren, were the heads of a tightly knit family. Their family’s love of basketball and the Golden State Warriors brought together Malika, her younger sister Kendra, and their parents. Everything at Malika’s Bat Mitzvah seemed beautiful.
  • However, Malika suffered internally, and neither Caren nor Mike knew about it. The New York Post reported that Malika was angry, unhappy, and anxious. She tried to hold it in, but she still had sporadic outbursts, her grades dropped, and she started binge eating. Malika disclosed to the New York Post that she quit in eighth grade.
  • Neither anorexia nor bulimia accurately describes this condition. It leans more toward anorexia than bulimia, but it doesn’t fall neatly into either category; after years of therapy, we’ve realized that more and more people struggle with eating disorders that defy easy categorization.
  • Malika didn’t want to waste away, so she went to her parents for aid. She had to tell her mother that she needed help from a professional to overcome her difficulties. Caren and Mike reluctantly enrolled their daughter in a Utah therapeutic boarding school for adolescents.
  • Malika made a miraculous comeback and finished high school a year early. For her, the moment she decided to get help was watershed. Caren discussed Malika’s life story with the New York Post, saying:
  • She was a good girl who hit a tough patch but ultimately triumphed; today, she can be seen on national television performing a job that she enjoys.

Malika Gained Her Fame As A Writer, But She Also Acted

  • After finishing high school, Malika moved back to Oakland to join her grandfather’s civil rights law practice. She enrolled at the University of Portland a year later to study communications. Soon she was well-liked by her fellow journalists at the school paper, and she was even offered a spot writing about sports.
  • Malika rose through the ranks of the paper and became editor-in-chief. As a result of her hard work, she was awarded a scholarship by the National Association of Black Journalists. She studied under renowned journalists like Marc Spears and Sherrod Blakely.
  • Malika’s efforts in the article caught the eye of NBA insider Adrian Wojnarowski on his visit to the Portland campus. When Malika finally ran into Adrian a year later, he surprisingly remembered her name. Before ESPN signed Malika, she was featured in the Denver Post, New York Times, and Chicago Tribune. Andrews established her career as a writer, but she is also at ease in front of the camera.
  • Her struggles as a young adult make Malika even more pleased with her accomplishments. Malika explained that her mother constantly harped on her to do so. “These days, things between my mum and I are great. “Man, did you ever think?” she asks. Was there ever a time when you pondered things? When asked about it, I always respond, “I never thought of it that way.”
  • Kendra Andrews, the sister of the Andrews above, is also climbing the ranks of the sports writing industry. As the Athletics’ Nuggets beat reporter, she is making strides in the television industry.

Malika Andrews Height In Feet

With a height of 5 feet 7 inches, Malika Andrews makes an impression. Andrews, a 27-year-old journalist and sports writer maintains a trim and attractive physique and is about the average height for her age group.

The bold woman is known to flaunt her tall frame and attractive appearance on Instagram. 

Andrews, a person with a history of mental illness, has been very forthright about the childhood abuse, depression, and anxiety she experienced during her teenage years. Seek help if you need it, and keep close to the people who care about you, is her advice.

Malika encourages others to be more honest about their struggles by sharing her own story of overcoming mental trauma with the help of her parents.

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