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Love Is Blind Stars Kyle Abrams & Deepti Vempati Are No Longer Dating!


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As of season three of “Love Is Blind,” Deepti Vempati and Kyle Abrams are still in this series. Data analyst Vempati, 31, from Chicago, has long yearned for an unconventional romance.

That’s why she turned down her parents’ proposal of an arranged marriage. In Love Is Blind, participants try to get to know each other and sometimes fall in love without ever meeting face to face. 

Love Is Blind Stars Deepti Vempati & Kyle Abrams Have Ended Their Relationship!

On March 24, 2020, a renewal for a second and third season of Love Is Blind was officially announced.

Season two of “Love Is Blind” premiered on February 11, 2022, and aired nine episodes before wrapping on February 25, 2022.

Love Is Blind Stars Deepti Vempati & Kyle Abrams Have Ended Their Relationship

The third season was shot at the same time as the second, and it also takes place in Dallas, Texas. On March 24, 2022, Netflix announced that they would pick up Love Is Blind for a fourth and five seasons.

Twenty-five single men and women from the same city are the focus of the TV show. Over more than ten days, men and women go on dates in “pods” designed just for them. They can communicate via a loudspeaker system but cannot see one another. 

What Happened To Deepti And Kyle On Love Is Blind?

Kyle confirmed in an interview that he and Deepti are together in the second season of Love Is Blind. Kyle and Deepti were initially mentioned as a pair during the second season reunion of Love are Blind.

They have been dropping hints about a potential relationship since the release of their season of Love Is Blind on Netflix in February 2022. 

They admitted on the September 16 episode of After the Altar, which was made available on streaming services. Throughout the three episodes, Kyle and Deepti expressed their deep affection for one another while also saying their reluctance to risk their friendship.

After spending the weekend with the cast and discussing their feelings for one another, Kyle decided to take the initiative and ask for the rest of the cast’s help. 

Deepti Vempati Discussion With Abhishek Chatterjee Was Resolved

Deepti Vempati and Abhishek “Shake” Chatterjee met in the Love Is Blind pods during Season 2, fell in love, but ended their relationship before the end of the season.

Deepti said she had a plan after the Netflix series concludes in February 2022. She added, “The day we get engaged is when no one should have any reservations about me, and I deserve the best”. 

Deepti Vempati Discussion With Abhishek Chatterjee Was Resolved

In a video released on Instagram in March 2022, Shake declared, “Eventually, I’m going to live my best life from now on.” He did not express regret for his behavior on the show. Despite having recently ended her relationship, Deepti has fallen in love with Kyle Abram. She hopes she can have a good relationship with Kyle; another Love Is Blind participant.

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Is Lauren Still Seeing Cameron?

Considering how well they communicate, Lauren and Cameron, the most beloved pair, have the best chance of remaining a couple. “Both seem to desire a healthy relationship and to be well,” Rachel Wright, a New York City therapist specializing in working with couples, told Insider.

Lauren and Camron dealt with relationship issues in a level-headed manner throughout the entire season. That level of mutual comprehension was remarkable.

Is Lauren Still Seeing Cameron

It didn’t take long for Love Is Blind fans to fall in love with Lauren and Cameron Hamilton. Even though it’s been over two years since they appeared on Netflix’s popular dating show, the couple’s popularity continues to rise. 

They fell in love at first sight, were unafraid, to tell the truth, and had endearing chemistry on television. Like Deepti Vempati and Kyle, both of these pairings enjoy great affection and support from their communities.


Could It Be That Diamond And Carlton Are A Couple Now?

Diamond and Carlton had a huge argument and didn’t make it to the end. Carlton and Diamond rapidly select each other as a potential dates during their speed dating session.

They were married just ten days after their first meeting. The couple’s ability to communicate across cultural boundaries gave them the most strength, according to Chin Hing.  

Could It Be That Diamond And Carlton Are A Couple Now

After only a short time, Diamond encountered racism when Barnett called her a “stripper.” Carlton was able to explain what had happened and help her feel better.

Carlton is bisexual and has slept with both men and women, but he didn’t tell Diamond that right away. Diamond felt betrayed by Carlton’s dishonesty. 

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