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‘Land Of The Lustrous ‘ By Haruko Ichikawa Is All Set To Return In June


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The Houseki no Kuni (Land of the Lustrous) manga will return in the July 2022 issue of Afternoon magazine. The manga will reappear in the August issue of the magazine on June 24.

The afternoon started serializing the action fantasy manga in October 2012. Kodansha is planning to release the eleventh volume in July of 2020. (pictured right). English-language rights to the manga were obtained by Kodansha Comics in October 2016; the 11th volume was published on August 31st, 2017 by the publisher. In December 2020, the manga was put on hold indefinitely.

When We Can Expect The Land Of The Lustrous Release

The manga was made into a 12-episode television series by 3DCG animation studio Orange in the fall of 2017. The anime series was licensed by Sentai Filmworks and shown on Amazon’s defunct Anime Strike streaming service. HIDIVE, a North American streaming service, has since added the film to its library for North American audiences. The anime was released on home video in May 2019 with English dub and subtitles.

'Land Of The Lustrous ' By Haruko Ichikawa Is All Set To Return In June

Only one island was left following a collision between six meteors long ago that created six moons. People who were unable to reach the island sank to the ocean’s depths, where they slowly became crystal as they descended into the ocean depths.

Over the course of millennia, a group of 28 of these crystalline life forms, known as the Lustrous, made their way to the surface and began to colonize the island’s soil. The Lunarians, moon dwellers who want to use their exquisite bodies to make weapons and jewelry, are headed by the wise Kongou-sensei. They must protect themselves.

Houseki no Kuni relies on phosphophyllite, a young diamond with a half-life of 300 years. One of the weaker gems available, they are ineffective in the battle against the Lunarians due to their clumsiness and lack of apparent competence. Power comes at a price that no one should have to pay, as they fight with the extraterrestrial invaders continues.

About Haruko Ichikawa

On November 22, 1980, Haruko Ichikawa, the author, and illustrator of Land of the Lustrous, was born. With the one-shot “Star Lover” in 2006, she debuted. Since then, she’s published six more one-shots in Monthly Afternoon under the pen names Mushi to Uta and 25-Ji no Vacances, which were collected into the Ichikawa Haruko Works Collection. A year and a half later, she hasn’t finished writing Land of the Lustrous, her debut album.

For her work on Mushi to Uta, she was awarded the Tezuka Osamu Cultural Prize in 2010. She was also a character designer for the Pokemon video games Sun & Moon and Sword & Shield, respectively. It is a distant future in which the Earth has been hit by meteorites six times, obliterating it. The rest of the country was reduced to a single stretch of coastline, and nearly all of its inhabitants perished.


The evolution of sentient diamonds in the form of people took place over a long period of time. As a mineral, Phosphophyllite (Phos) has the lowest hardness and is considered to be worthless by its peers.

Coworker Phos approaches Cinnabar for help with the development of a natural history encyclopedia, which marks the beginning of their connection and personal development. People who want to exploit Diamond’s wealth, the Lunarians, are at odds with the “diamond people.”


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