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Konosuba Season 3 Release Date Officially Announced, Read All New Updates Here!!


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The production of a third season of the Konosuba anime has been confirmed, but a release date has not yet been announced. When will the third season of Konosuba be available to watch? What is the current count of new volumes of light novel series that have been released?

The Current Working Title For The Movie Is KonoSuba: Legend Of Crimson (as of 2019)

In this post, we’ll talk about when the new episodes of Konosuba Season 3 will be released and how many of them there will be, but first, some important information: The focus of attention is placed on Kazuma Sat, the story’s main character.

Konosuba Season 3 Release Date Officially Announced

The story focuses on Kazuma, a troubled young NEET who, for some reason, finds himself at a party with some of the meanest people in town. Some of the most powerful wizards in the world are Archpriest Aqua, the wizard Megumin, and the crusader Darkness.  The first season of Konosuba aired in 2016, consisting of ten individual episodes. 

Because it is not known whether or not this will serve as the beginning of Season 3, preparation is strongly recommended. Many people who enjoy watching Konosuba are looking forward to the coming of the third season to watch the first episode when it first airs. Here is some information regarding the forthcoming release date for Konosuba Season 3 and the light novel volumes that will be adapted for the following season.

If such is the case, when can we expect its release?

The light novel series was finished with volume 17, marking the end of the series. In 2022, the Konosuba manga is still in the middle of being drawn. According to what he has heard, the author has not abandoned the idea of writing more tales revolving around Konosuba in the distant future. There will be some shorts and spinoffs, but you should not expect a release date for Konosuba Light Novel Volume 18 anytime soon.

 If you prefer to continue the story from where the anime left off, you can read the English translation of the sixth volume of the Konosuba Light Novel.

The third season of Konosuba is expected to have somewhere between 10 and 13 episodes. Although Volumes 6 and 7 will be adapted for the third season of Konosuba, it wouldn’t surprise me if they made three adaptations this time instead of just two because they have so much material to work with.

No matter how frequently we get new seasons of Konosuba, it will still take the series more than five years to adapt all of the light novel volumes. 

The date that the publication was made is:

There is no word yet on when the product will be made available. Based on how the first and second seasons of Konosuba were distributed in January of this year, it is anticipated that the third season will be distributed in January of 2023.

After the new season’s premiere date has been announced, it typically takes between 12 and 18 months for the subsequent season to be made available.


On the other hand, the director of Konosuba, Takaomi Kanasaki, is presently working on Princess Connect! Regarding: Season 2 of the 2022 Dive. As a result, the third season of Konosuba will not be broadcast in 2022 as planned. Therefore, you shouldn’t expect it to come out this year, but we will have a release date by the end of the year.

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