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Kirsten Dunst Married To Longtime Boyfriend Jesse Plemons!!


The Power of the Dogs stars, Kirsten Dunst and Jesse Plemons, tied the knot in reality following enacting the roles of husband and wife in multiple productions. The newly married pair demonstrated the chemistry of an onscreen couple in the Oscar-winning, The Power of the Dogs, in which they were nominated for their unique roles of George and Rose.

The loving couple got engaged in 2017 and the duo officialized their marriage in July 2022 after dating each other for over 6 years. Ennis Howard Plemons and James Robert Plemons are the kids of the pair who are 4 and 1, respectively.

Kirsten Dunst Finally Tied The Knot With Her Longtime Boyfriend Jesse Plemons

Goerge and Rose are reported to have married from the opulence Goldeneye resort in Jamaica, which is famous for its beaches with white sand. The resort is also made renowned by Lan Fleming, the author of the British literary and film character James Bond, as he has written all his 007 books from the luxurious resort of Ocho Rios. 

Kirsten Dunst Married To Longtime Boyfriend  Jesse Plemons!!

It is one of the representatives of Dunst that leaked the news of the wedding but did not share any further details of the event. Who attended and what all unique modes of celebrations were carried down in the event are unknown. 

In the filming of the second session of the series Fargo, in 2015, Dunst, 40, and Jesse, 34 met for the first time and their roles were destined such that they were summoned to play the role of a married couple, which might have induced the spark between the two American actors. The Landy Clarke in the NBC drama series, Friday Night Lights 

Kirsten Dunst And Jesse Plemons Reveals About Their Delayed Marriage

The Spider-Man star had already mentioned the grounds for the delayed marriage of the couple as they had to postpone the wedding since she was pregnant with the second child. She is even outspoken about their privacy adding that she calls her then-boyfriend, Jesse Plemons husband, and the actor reciprocates by calling her his wife. 

In another exclusive interview with the actress, she stated that it was clear from the first meeting with Plemons that he was going to be her love of life. During the shoots, Dunst was dished to have fallen for him over and over, and also Plemons was rumored to have gone head over heels for Kristen Dunst.

Plemons even said in the discussion with the media that he does not actually wish to act without Dunst as they are so good to work with side by side. 

However, the industry is so splendid that no actor can always work with the same co-actors, and thus the Primetime Emmy Award winner, Dunst has been chosen as the main lead of Alex Garland’s upcoming movie, Civil War. Meanwhile, Plemons shall be seen starring along with Leonardo Dicaprio in Martin Scorsese’s upcoming crime thriller.


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