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All About Kayla Cardona Net Worth, Bio, Age, Family!


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Kayla Cardona, an Orange County native and star of Selling the OC’s first season, is someone to keep an eye on. She achieved the top 1% agent status and received the Executive Club Award at her previous agency.

Things To Know About Kayla Cardona Net Worth, Early Life, Career!

However, after attempting to kiss Tyler Stanland, Kayla was featured in a recent Highlight episode. While Kayla Cardona tried to kiss Tyler Stanaland, who co-starred with her on Selling the OC, she does not believe she threatened his relationship with Brittany Snow, an actress.

However, after a cast night out, Kayla snogged Tyler, 33, in Selling the OC season 1, which debuted on the streaming service last month.

While the two Oppenheim Group coworkers attempted to move on from the incident, many of their coworkers soon voiced their opinions, and it quickly became an office-wide issue.

Things To Know About Kayla Cardona Net Worth, Early Life, Career

Kayla Cardona Net Worth

Selling The real estate transactions Kayla Cardona from “The OC” completes earning her money. On the other hand, she may have earned close to a million dollars.

Her most recent homes, however, frequently have a market value of $4 million or less. Most of her additional income came from her real estate company, its primary source.

A bartender in Orange County can also expect to make between $25,000 and $30,000. The early success of her career as a bartender also contributed to her current wealth.

During the “Selling the OC” first season, the Oppenheim Group’s employees received a commission of 3% of the selling price when they sold the finest luxury homes in Orange County.

In addition, each buying agency, selling agency, and their respective brokers receive a portion of this sum.

Kayla Cardona Net Worth

Kayla Cardona Early Life

In 2022, Kayla Cardona will be 33 years old. She was born in California, the United States, in 1989. Kayla Cardona’s parents are Chris Cardona (the father) and JoAnn Cardona (the mother).

Her father is a performing artist. Kayla is also known to have a sibling sister, Courtney Cardona. She attended private institutions for both her elementary and secondary education and her undergraduate studies.

In addition, Kayla worked weekends as a bartender to help support her family. At her job, which typically lasts twelve hours, she works a full day’s shift.

Kayla Cardona Career 

Finding a photographer to take pictures for the listing marketing materials is just one of the many things Kayla, the show’s rookie real estate agent, needs help with.

Before joining the O Group in Orange County, Netflix was among Zillow’s top 1% of real estate agents. She tells Bustle that after spending the entire program working on it, the Laguna Beach listing was finally made inactive and taken down from the website.

Despite this, she continues to be “all about” her business and no longer serves as a bartender on the side as she openly claimed she did during the initial season.


June 2021 marked the start of Kayla’s employment with The Oppenheim Group. Since then, Kayla Cardona has assisted her clients in finding the home of their dreams. She has provided exceptional service to the Oppenheim group with her various specialties.

With a focus on relocation consulting, she works as a buyer’s agent and listing agent. Her geographic knowledge of the county has been helpful in all residential real estate transactions for buyers and sellers.

Using the most up-to-date internet marketing tools, Kayla and her team offer their clients strategic marketing and transaction management services to reach the greatest number of qualified buyers.

The foundation of Kayla’s company is commitment, openness, perseverance, trust, and the capacity to understand and accommodate all of her clients’ needs.

It has been said that real estate agents have recently started to shift their attention to acting in the capacity of a selling agent after focusing primarily on working in the capacity of a buyer’s agent.

In addition to being a sales representative, the young mother is an active member of the National Association of Realtors. She discusses how much she likes going out to bars in the first season of the Netflix series.

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Kayla Cardona Personal Life

American national Kayla is a character on the television program Selling the OC. Kayla is of Asian heritage and is descended from both Americans and Filipinos.

It is undeniable that the real estate agent is a part of that culture because their family is from the Philippines. She also has an impressive height and professes to be a Christian.

Jordan, 15, is Kayla’s only child, even though she rarely mentions it on the show. However, she frequently comments about him on Instagram, demonstrating how close they are.

It is not surprising that Kayla wants to enhance her performance at the O Group, given that she is responsible for supporting herself and her son.

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