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Kate Bush Success In UK Chart!! Netflix To Stream Live Musical Performance Soon!


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Apparently, Netflix is preparing to release a live recording of a theoretical music performance soon after the popularity of its last series using Kate Bush’s music. Stranger Things would be the inspiration for the soundtrack.

Netflix has decided to release a Stranger Things-themed song in response to Kate Bush’s Running Up That Hill’ success in the UK charts.

After 37 Years Of Its Release Running Up That Hill Reached At The Top Of UK Chart!

The No. 1 song would have increased in popularity by more than 153% by the time Stranger Things: The Final Season premiered on Netflix. As a result of its presence on Netflix and Tiktok, the song’s popularity has increased significantly. The relationship between Kate Bush and her son, Albert, has been flourishing ever since the show’s use of the song “Running Up That Hill.

Kate Bush Success In UK Chart!! Netflix To Stream Live Musical Performance Soon!

On BBC Radio 4’s Women’s Hour, Kate said that she has lately converted to an old-fashioned phone in order to avoid being distracted by emails. It appears to the English vocalist that she cannot keep up with the rapid advancement of technology since it seems to her to be out of her control.

An open-air stage would not be as distracting as a phone for the 63-year-old pianist. Everyone who knows her knows she doesn’t bring a phone with her when she goes out. In addition, she seeks tranquility after spending so much time on her laptop responding to e-mails.

Kate Bush Happy That Her Song Become Popular Now

According to host Emma Bernet, when Kate’s son Albert, 21, was asked how he felt about her song becoming popular among today’s youth, she said he was “quite cool with stuff like that.”

Moreover, she mentioned that Bertie is a fan of the show. Even Kate’s pals have been binge-watching since the first season was out, she informed the interviewer.

However, despite Kate’s expectations, she is awestruck by the positive response her song has gotten. The vocalist had no idea that the song would have such a profound effect in such a short period of time.

She has expressed her joy at the song’s use throughout the time of the characters’ survival, which adds a good vibe to it. Today, Kate is the oldest female vocalist to ever top the UK charts, beating Cher in the process.

No.1 positions are held in Switzerland, New Zealand, Sweden, and Australia for Running Up That Hill as well. Kate Bush appears to be overjoyed that she was able to connect with a large number of people who had never heard of her before and that she was able to leave a lasting impression on them.


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