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Judge Mathis Was Shocked!! His Son Greg Mathis Jr.’s Sudden Revelation


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In the last premiere episode of Mathis Family Matters, Greg Mathis, the television Judge, learned an incredible fact about his son, Greg Mathis Jr. To keep the former Michigan 36th District Court Judge safe from further mental assaults, the 33-year-old admitted to concealing his sexual orientation.

Judge Mathis is preparing for a fight against anyone who gets in the way of his son’s decision, contrary to the presumption.

Judge Mathis Raise Awareness Among The Blacks To Support LGBTQ+ By With An Example Of His Son

On Wednesday, the actor was challenged with the claim that he is inadvertently fostering anti-gay sentiments, as well as anti-racism and anti-poverty sentiments, among others.

Everyone who criticizes or causes discrimination based on sexual exposure will be dealt with by the supportive parent.

The only goal Mathis has is to raise awareness in the Black community about LGBTQ+ acceptance by using his son, Greg Jr., as an actual example of how to do it.

Judge Mathis Was Shocked!! His Son Greg Mathis Jr.'s Sudden Revelation

It was also mentioned that many of the attitudes to sexual orientations are based on religious beliefs and that the Black Church will help him battle against anti-gay sentiment. He’s currently working to persuade the Black Church that everyone is equal, regardless of sexual orientation.

Amir Mathews, Greg Mathis Jr’s brother, revealed to the public that he had to be persuaded to reveal his secret after his brother’s on-screen confession.

By stressing that they must be as authentic as possible throughout, the American Gangster comforted Greg Jr. and he also demonstrated his support for the pair.

Amir Mathews Reveals Public Reactions!!

Amir also told the show’s producers that he is willing to be treated in any manner they choose and revealed that his father only has one requirement when it comes to filming and that he needs no unneeded concerns or fighting to be happening in front of the camera.

Judge Mathis further backed up this sentiment by saying that he and his son, Amir, were on the same page. It was also remarked by the TV court program arbiter that individuals keep things real by fussing and squabbling every now and again, Those, he claims, are the real-life events that people may observe from the comfort of their own homes.

Also, he pointed out that he is the only one in the family that constantly annoys and disturbs everyone else in the house.

Many individuals have been impacted by the African-American male host’s family show since it depicts real-life people.. Millions of people around the world have been inspired by his journey from being a street kid to becoming a judge.


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