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Johnny Depp Finger-Tip Cut Off. During Trial, Doctor Discloses Actor’s Post-Fight Texts With Amber Heard!!


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A personal doctor who treated Depp’s addiction and a nurse who worked with Kipper both testified earlier this week in Depp’s courtroom. In response to Depp’s phone call, it is known that he had sliced off a fingertip. Kipper and his friend went to the house. Depp and Heard were sleeping in their respective yurts.

Johnny Depp’s Finger Tip. Actor’s Post-Fight Texts With Amber Heard!

According to testimony heard in court on Wednesday, Depp admitted to lying to doctors about how the tip of his right middle finger was hacked off on Wednesday rather than telling them that Amber Heard hurled a vodka bottle at him. In a Fairfax, Virginia county court, his testimony revealed, that Ms. Heard had thrown a vodka bottle at him before cutting off his finger.

Johnny Depp's Finger Tip. Actor's Post-Fight Texts With Amber Heard!

As a result of Heard’s op-ed for the Washington Post in which she stated that she had been a victim of domestic violence. Depp filed a defamation suit against her, alleging that she had defamed him. His lawsuit asserted that Heard had mistreated him physically and verbally on numerous occasions, documented by Depp.

Heard has filed a countersuit against Depp, alleging that he physically beat her at least ten times during their relationship, including the night Depp’s finger was amputated. Depp has denied the allegations. Heard has rejected the claims leveled against him. There were a few things they did together before their divorce in 2016.

When he requested a postnuptial agreement, it all started,” Depp told his attorneys as they continued their cross-examination of him in the witness box on Tuesday afternoon. In the aftermath of Heard’s rage-filled outburst, a glass vodka bottle was flung in his direction, resulting in his hand being fractured. Depp realized that his finger had been amputated when he felt “heat” on his fingertip. He asserted that he had noticed the bone protruding and blood seeping from the wound.

The facts of the case as presented in court:

In a sworn statement filed with the court before the lawsuit, Heard presented a different version of the events. When they got into a fight, she said that Depp had been on a three-day MDMA binge and that he had terrorized and abused her on multiple occasions. 

While Depp agreed to inform Kipper about Heard throwing the bottle, he claimed that he lied to Depp’s doctors about the incident. He rushed to Australia as fast as possible to have his finger reattached as soon as feasible.

Then there were images of Depp writing words on the wall with his severed finger, shown later on. At the communications, there were rumors that Heard was having an affair with Depp’s co-star Billy Bob Thornton, which Heard has categorically denied.

According to Depp, Amber Heard threw vodka bottles at him, chopping off his finger. This may not have been the case. According to Managing Director Ben King of Johnny Depp, the severed end of the finger was discovered “on the bar area floor,” according to Managing Director Ben King of Johnny Depp’s estate.

The evidence is as follows:

Despite evidence to the contrary, the allegations that Johnny Depp dipped his severed fingertip in blue paint are likely to be false, according to a familiar source. According to Dr. Kipper, Heard’s evidence concerning the incident contradicted Johnny Depp’s prior allegations that Heard had damaged his finger throughout the deposition.

Many people are skeptical of the occurrence that took place between Johnny Depp and Amber Heard because of the terrifying nature of the circumstance.

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