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Invasion of Ukraine: the dream, the mass eruption near Kiev – all the latest developments


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Russian attacks are currently underway Ukraine And especially in Kiev and Kharkov.

Double eruption in southwest of Kiev

According to CNN, just minutes before midnight, The biggest explosion was in the night sky southwest of Kiev Some time ago.

The bomber struck shortly after noon in front of a rally in central Ukraine.

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CNN reports that the night sky lit up for several minutes.

Minutes later, another explosion occurred in the western part of the city, in the direction of the city’s largest airport.

The two blasts are believed to have taken place around Vasil, a large military airport with several oil tanks.

Fierce fighting erupted in the area on Friday night, according to Ukrainian officials.

The Telegram also released videos of explosions at oil tanks in Vasil.

As Moscow’s military invasion of Ukraine continues, Russian missiles strike the Vasilkiv region on the outskirts of Kiev, according to UkrainForm.

An adviser to Ukraine’s Minister of Internal Affairs Anton Gerastchenko said the missiles had hit Vasilkiv and caused a fire, with no information yet.

A few minutes before 1am, a huge explosion was heard near the Patton Bridge area in the Ukrainian capital.

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Video provided by Vasilkiv. Dense smoke and fierce fire in the sky.

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“Vasilkiv community! You all see what’s happening now. You see the fire.”

He added, “The enemy wants to destroy everything in his circle, but he will not succeed. Today, during the day, there were three heavy attacks by ballistic missiles, especially at our airport. The bombing continues.” But everything will go well. “He added: As it constantly changes, smoke and toxic gases can be emitted from the Vasilkiv fire in any direction. Seal your windows! “

The Ukrainian website states that there is no plan to evict people from Vasilkiv.

Explosions in cargo

The following video of Cargo was published in the Telegram

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Sirens sounded at midnight in Kiev

Meanwhile, in the Ukrainian capital, the BBC reported that sirens sounded again at midnight in Greece, preparing for another night of Russian attacks.

In fact, the BBC quotes the following video from a CNN reporter in Kiev:

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Shocking information: A pediatric cancer hospital was attacked

A few minutes later The Guardian wrote: A terrifying report from Kiev, where the Okhmadyt Children’s Hospital for Children with Cancer was hit by artillery fire. This refers to this tweet from the Kiev Independent

“Russian artillery fire hits Okhmadyt Children’s Cancer Hospital in Kiev, killing one child and injuring two with two adults,” TSN reported.

“Eyewitnesses said the city was on fire from multi-launcher missile systems,” Kyiv Independent wrote.

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Information about the airstrikes in Kiev

Earlier, the Guardian wrote: “Credible reports from Kiev indicate that immediate airstrikes are expected in Ukraine. It is approaching midnight in Ukraine.

Kiev Mayor Vitaly Klitschko is under a curfew from 17:00 local time (15:00 Greek time) until 8 a.m. Monday. The resolution was changed despite earlier announcements that the curfew would be in effect from 5pm to 8am tomorrow. In addition, the mayor of Kiev wrote on Twitter that after this time any citizen found on the street will be “considered a member of the enemy sabotage and intelligence.”

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Earlier, British security officials said Russian forces had advanced 30 kilometers from Kiev.

A blow to Zaporizhia as well

ERT reporter Giorgos Cideris said he saw a large fire about 7 km from where he was in Saporisia around one o’clock in the morning. Russia may be a blow to the Ukrainian military establishment, he said, adding that they did not ask for any aircraft.

The Russians face stiff opposition from the Ukrainians

Two senior U.S. officials told CNN that “Russia’s invasion of Ukraine has met with more” opposition from the Ukrainian military and unexpected difficulties in replenishing its troops. “

On the battlefield, Russia faces more casualties than expected in personnel, armor and aircraft. This is because the intelligence services did better than expected before the Ukrainian air defense invasion. In addition, Russia has not yet consolidated its air dominance over Ukraine, according to a senior US defense official, who said the Ukrainian air force and air defense system were struggling to control airspace.

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“Ukrainian air defense, including aircraft, continues to be effectively engaged and prevents Russian aircraft from accessing various parts of the country,” the official said.

Without undoubted control over the Ukrainian or any other sky, it would be very difficult for an army to see and attack targets from the sky.

However, US officials have warned that the picture could change rapidly as Russian forces continue to attack.

Russian Defense Minister: Order to continue attacks on all fronts in Ukraine

Earlier, according to the RIA news agency, the Russian Defense Ministry ordered all units in Ukraine to continue their offensive from all directions. The announcement was made yesterday citing a temporary suspension in anticipation of talks between Moscow and Kiev, with Moscow saying Ukraine had refused. Ukraine, for its part, has said it has not rejected the talks and that Russia has never stopped military action in its country.

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This morning, after all, Kiev was attacked, and pictures of the dilapidated apartment building are circling the world. Two people have been killed in an attack on an apartment building in Kiev.

Meanwhile, in the Donbas area, 10 of them are Greek foreigners, to which the Greek foreign minister responded angrily, holding talks with the Greek ambassador in Athens and inviting him to the foreign ministry tomorrow. In his statement, the foreign minister spoke of Russian attacks on civilians, saying that the move was unacceptable, as Prime Minister Griagos Mitsotakis had said.

Russia has sent tens of thousands of troops to Ukraine in the past 24 hours

The Guardian quotes US journalist Jack Detskin as covering the problems of the Ministry of National Defense, which claims that Russia has sent tens of thousands of troops to Ukraine in the past 24 hours. For his information, he refers to a senior U.S. defense official.

A senior U.S. defense official said Russia had sent tens of thousands of troops to Ukraine in advance “in three ways” in the past 24 hours.

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Putin has demanded reserves for the fight, the official said.

“There are no specific numbers, but Russia has blocked 50% of the troops lined up on the border with Ukraine since 1/3 yesterday,” the senior U.S. defense official said, the journalist wrote on Twitter.

Russian shield moves towards Ukraine

At the same time, CNN correspondent Frederik Pleitgen saw a large phalanx of Russian armor passing in front of him. According to him, the phalanx was heading towards the Ukrainian territory and the city of Kharkiv.

“This is something we have seen all day, and this heavy equipment is moving more and more to the front line,” he replied from Belgorod, Russia.

He said he and his crew had heard more rocket launches than in previous days.

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Earlier in the day, a senior U.S. defense official said Russian forces were facing “strong opposition” to their invasion of northern Ukraine on two fronts: “Lower, Kiev and generally from Belgorod to Hakrev.”

Russian troops approach Zaporizhia nuclear power plant

Russian troops approaching Ukraine’s nuclear facility, an official said.

According to Reuters, Russian forces are approaching a nuclear plant in Zaporizhia, citing reports from an adviser to Ukraine’s interior minister.

Earlier, Russian troops advanced on the former Chernobyl nuclear power plant, where fighting erupted and the area was eventually occupied by Russians.

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