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Chechen leader Kadyrov confirms his fighters are fighting with Russian invaders


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Ramzan Kadyrov, President of Chechnya And an ally of Russian President Vladimir Putin, who said today that Chechen militants are stationed in Ukraine. Ukrainians To overthrow their government.

In a video posted on the Internet, Chechens boasted that they had not yet suffered any casualties and that Russian forces could easily occupy major Ukrainian cities, including the capital Kiev, but that their aim was to avoid casualties.

Putin “sends” 10,000 Chechen paratroopers to Kiev – what is his plan according to the US?

Maybe The Vladimir Putin In conversations with foreign leaders, say that you are willing to talk to him Volodymyr Zhelensky It can be added whenever conditions allow, to end hostilities in Ukraine and the Kremlin. Send a delegation To negotiate a ceasefire, but US intelligence information, Daily Mail And reinforce the images from Chechnya and “testify” that the Russian president has other things on his mind.

In particular, as the Russian military approaches the “heart” of Kiev, US sources say that the “Tsar”‘s plan is that its forces will continue to occupy an airport in the Ukrainian capital, until it becomes a major force to “get”. 10,000 paramedics.

The task of the paratroopers is to find him as soon as they enter the city Volodymyr Zhelensky, His ministers and deputies and to “persuade” them in their own way, to sign a “Peace” agreement, Which would hand over control of the country to Russia or a regime backed by Moscow. Thus, Putin’s ground forces will end the war “without being forced” to complete the difficult and bloody task of occupying the entire country.

In fact, sources in Moscow say that each of these soldiers – paratroopers – received a special “guide” with information and photos of Ukrainian officials in cross-chairs.

Other sources make it clear that the Chechen task force was already in the jungles of Ukraine and had been “ordered to kill” if the fugitives could not be apprehended. In fact, relevant photos have been released showing a group of soldiers in a forest in Ukraine.


Thousands of Chechen soldiers gathered in central Grozny

The information leaked by the Americans was reinforced by pictures and videos posted on Grozny’s Internet in the last hours. Chechnya. Thousands of soldiers, national guards, can be seen among them as they prepare in the central square of the Chechen capital. “Must leave for Ukraine to take part in a special operation.”

In fact, the President of Chechnya, Ramzan Kadyrov Sends “threat” message to Ukrainians: “I would like to advise you to call on our Commander-in-Chief, President Vladimir Vladimirovich, to apologize before the current President, Zhelensky, becomes the former President of Ukraine.”

At the same time, he described the US sanctions on Russia “Biden Myths” And added it “He feels he is living comfortably under sanctions. “ According to him, sanctions should be lifted within a month “There can be no economy without Russia, especially in Europe.”

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