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Internet outage: Spotify, Discord, and more are finally back


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2022-03-08T20: 08: 46.974Z

So what happened here?

It’s not entirely clear – not enough websites were taken down that this would be another web domain host issue, but it was too broad to be an issue with any one platform.

Let’s hope the company comes out and says what’s going on, or else it will end up with “one of those things”.

2022-03-08 T20: 06: 06.770Z

And Discord is now back, too.

Discord is back up and running for messages, calls, and broadcasts! We’re still working on a few things like attachments and writing events, but those things will be back online soon. Thanks everyone for your patience~March 8, 2022

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It looks like they put it back together using twine and PVA glue, so it might be a little slow at first. Maybe you should be gentle with that, start with typed messages before you push too hard on gifs and voice calls.

2022-03-08 T20:00:06.210Z

oh, discordstatus.com Received a report that “traffic is back online” although “some functions will intentionally remain disabled until service is stable”.

The status bar has gone from red to orange as well, which is probably a good sign, right?


Spotify reports that it’s back in business.

Everything looks so much better now! Give SpotifyCares a shout out if you still need help.March 8, 2022

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So you should be able to get to it soon, though the servers might collide with everyone jumping on board, so give it a few minutes.

2022-03-08T19: 45: 00.231Z

At least the Elden Ring servers are not disabled. If I had to play this game without seeing the same 3 jokes repeated from each player message, I’m not sure I’d be able to enjoy the game.


We’re hearing more reports of Discord returning, including from people on the team who are using it. Maybe the storm really passed?


A Source (someone we know who plays it) told us that Destiny is “down for maintenance” on Xbox…but it still works fine on Stadia.

Remember Stadia? Well, maybe now is the time to get rid of the… error, virtual console.


We’ve heard reports that Spotify is more stable if you’re using a desktop app, rather than the online site.

So if you usually use the Spotify music website (why?), maybe try the desktop app. However, this may be just hearsay or confirmation bias, and our survey size is very limited, so don’t get your hopes up.


We thought these issues were for the US only, but a few members of the TechRadar team in the UK reported that the web app didn’t work for them either.

Well, it works for me, so I’ll just enjoy that. YouTube, Apple Music, Prime Music, Tidal, and billions of other music streaming apps are still running, so hopefully no one has to sit in silence now.


discord Also log the error condition Indicates that the problem persists, but there is likely to be another reason why Downdetector’s low user report numbers are.

It’s possible that since everyone knows there’s a Spotify and Discord outage now, no one bothers to report it anymore. This would make it look like the problem has subsided, when in reality it hasn’t.


spotify community page It’s still reporting an issue, with an official post 50 minutes ago stating that the main issue is people can’t log in.


Ah, no – one of my fellow Americans confirmed that Discord is still available for them. Well, maybe it’s coming back slowly, but not for everyone just yet.


Is it starting to look like services are back to normal?

On DowndetectorReports of problems have decreased sharply over the past few minutes. We’re checking with some people to see if the apps are working again.


Despite the fact that Amazon Web Services is reporting issues, Bezos’ web hosting platform doesn’t seem to be the problem, because then there will be more issues.

Oh, and AWS didn’t report anything as far as we can tell.

We’ll bring you more when we figure out what happens.


Reports indicate that Spotify and Discord are the two sites with the worst outages. Actually Twitter trending page It started where people share memes.

At least Twitter is not down.


Oh, you might see in Downdetector that Apple’s online store is down – well, that’s not because of the outage (or maybe it is, but there’s another reason).

That’s because Apple’s March event has just ended, and the company usually takes its online store offline while it fills it up with more products.

Well, tech packed day. We have seen iPhone SE (2022)And the iPad Air 5And the M1 Ultra and more. You can read what we have in full Apple Event live blog here. Also, the store has just come back online.

2022-03-08T19: 04: 11.936Z

Some of the other reports come from members of the TechRadar team in the US. They are finding that both Discord and Spotify are down.

2022-03-08T19: 03: 11.415Z

Spotify is another disabled service.

Something’s not quite right, and we’re looking into it. Thanks for your reports!March 8, 2022

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However, this certainly isn’t a widespread outage as we sometimes see, as many members of the TechRadar team are getting into it just fine.

However, all of the team members surveyed are from the UK. This sounds very much like the problem of the United States.

2022-03-08T18: 59: 15.911Z

It should be noted that this is not the case everybody These outages will be affected – but it is enough that some companies are commenting on these issues.

We’re aware of an issue causing Messages to fail and are working to fix it. We apologize for the interruption and thx for the comment tightly! https://t.co/rq97JXSEFvMarch 8, 2022

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Discord is one such company that has apologized for this issue. Although he continued by saying “It’s time to get everyone out,” which seems a bit rude. Well mom.

2022-03-08T18: 57: 16.810Z

In the UK, the affected web pages are similar:

  • spotify
  • discord
  • Twitter
  • Amazon Web Services
  • Saucepan
  • Instagram
  • Youtube
  • Cloud Flare
  • Facebook
  • Google Cloud
  • Revolution
  • snap chat
  • steam


In the US, Downdetector is seeing outages in:

  • spotify
  • discord
  • Wikipedia
  • Amazon Web Services
  • Twitter
  • Facebook
  • Saucepan
  • Cloud Flare
  • Instagram
  • Youtube
  • Google Cloud
  • Twitch
  • Multiple Apple Services
  • tik tok
  • snap chat


This is our first post on this internet outage live blog – we’re investigating what’s happening right now.


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