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How Did Fernando Del Solar Die? Cause Of Death Revealed!


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Fernando del Solar is a well-known Argentine actor and television host known for his movies and shows like Háblame de Amor (1999), Don de Dios (2005), and Perla (1998). The actor who is in his late 40s passed away on Thursday, June 30. The news of the actor’s death went viral without giving any clue on the reason which astonished his fans and others. 

How Did Fernando Del Solar Die? Cause Of Death Revealed!

The unfortunate death of the Argentine actor has left many assumptions about the death. Only hours after the death, the reason for the death has been revealed to the media. As per the reports, the actor has been diagnosed with lymphatic cancer for more than 10 years and was battling the disease. And from the last couple of months, his physical and mental health has been not well and got worsened as days went on. 

The saddest part is that the actor left the world only a couple of weeks after the death of his father. After his great loss, he posted a goodbye message for his father expressing how much he missed him even though it was just hours after the separation. He quoted that he won’t be able to see his old man anymore, eat a roast together, or celebrate any events together. He thanked his father for all that he has taught him till now from both his successes and failures. He ended the message wishing to fly away together to the highlands and said that he will always live within him. The love the actor had for his dad has reunited them with their death. 

Many news stories are being rumored about the death of the Argentine actor in the media. And as per reports, the actor was put into a coma after emergency surgery. His manager said that he was admitted to an intensive care unit for the past few days. It was in 2012, that Fernando was diagnosed with a type of cancer, Hodgkin’s lymphoma. This cancer is developed in white blood cells and is very difficult to cure. Even though the disease has gotten worse several times, he managed to escape from it until now.  

The news about the weakened health of the actor was let out only three days after he was admitted to the hospital. As per the details collected from his driver and manager, he was admitted to the hospital, not because of any relapse of cancer but due to some issues with his liver. Earlier he mentioned his weak liver and that it is not able to absorb nutrients like old days. And because of this, he has lost a lot of weight. His body needed enough rest and for that,  the doctor asked him to reduce his work. 

He has also promised his fans and colleagues that he would come back stronger. The managers confirmed to the media that Fer is going through simple health difficulties that can be cured with proper medications and rest. As there was great concern about the actor, the managers had to come up to the media to talk about Fer’s present condition. They wanted to keep everything calm as they are not interested in panicking the people and mainly his family. 

After confirming his diagnosis with lung cancer, he suffered several relapses and consistent respiratory issues. And at times he used to have issues because of oxygen deficiency. He used to have difficulties every month and was always taken to the hospital. And as the situation was getting worse, at the slightest symptom also, he should be taken to the doctor. 

As of now, the reason for his death is unknown, but the actor has suffered from lung cancer and Hodgkin’s lymphoma. This disease developed vigorously, spreading it all over the body. According to the American Cancer Association, the condition happens as a result of a disorder in cell growth which can later turn malignant and spread to different parts of your body

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