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Gotham Knights Star Affirms That Duela Will Portrayed As Joker’s Daughter


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It has been confirmed by one of the Gotham Knights cast members that Duela will in fact be portrayed as the Joker’s daughter in the upcoming DC television series.

Through the release of one show after another starting in 2012, Greg Berlanti’s Arrowverse has helped gain some notoriety for its superhero characters. 

Gotham Knights Star Affirms That Duela Will Portrayed As Joker’s Daughter

The network is adding a new DC TV series to its currently small slate of comic book programs in 2023, so it won’t be any different. Gotham Knights, The second Batman-related program, will make its debut in 2023 and comes from a team of Batwoman writers and producers.

Gotham Knights Star Affirms That Duela Will Portrayed As Joker's daughter

Gotham Knights will not be an Arrowverse spinoff and will not be connected to the upcoming video game of the same name, despite coming from the same creative team as Batwoman.

Turner Hayes, Bruce Wayne’s adopted son, and numerous of the villains’ offspring are accused of murdering Batman in the upcoming television series Gotham Knights.

Duela, who will be represented by Olivia Rose Keegan, is one of the DC characters that will be present in Gotham Knights.

DC aficionados will recognize Duela as the Joker’s daughter, who has a very complicated past in comic book history.

Duela As The Joker’s Daughter

“Duela is kind of like the full manifestation of all your crazy instincts, and I think we all have those parts of us,” the author said. However, it’s completely insane to witness and to wonder, “Oh, what if you let that take over your whole full self?” She is hence “Fireball,” “Wildcard,” and “the Joker’s daughter.”

Even though Gotham Knights won’t debut until the following year, one significant aspect of Duela has been confirmed. While the Gotham Knights trailer only made a passing suggestion that she might be the Joker’s child, Keegan confirms this, when she also discusses her character’s arc. Of all the primary characters, Duela will be a wildcard, according to Keegan, and she has the following traits:

Even though it was anticipated that Knights’ Duela would somehow be connected to the Joker, it makes sense why there was some skepticism. She is the daughter of the Two-Face of Earth-3 and Three-Face, also known as Evelyn Dent, and goes by the name Duela Dent in comic books. 

Although Duela’s existence has been altered numerous times in the comics, Knights won’t be the first time the character appears in a CW program. Duela was portrayed by Alessandra Torresani in episode 14 of season 1’s Batwoman, “Grinning From Ear to Ear.” Batwoman explained that Duela was still Evelyn’s child and that Harvey Dent was her uncle.

Given that Duela will appear frequently in Gotham Knights, the show will undoubtedly delve further into her history than Batwoman did. Given that Misha Collins will play Harvey, it wouldn’t be surprising if the program found a way to connect the two.

Given the stringent limits imposed by Warner Bros, it is unlikely that Joker will ever appear on Gotham Knights regarding the use of Batman characters on DC TV. 

Duela was born in Arkham Asylum and was abandoned by her father, who was referred to as “the most deadly man in Gotham,” according to the breakdown provided when Keegan was initially cast as the Joker’s daughter. If the studio gives the go-ahead, Gotham Knights season 1 might still feature a scene where Duela actually meets the Joker for at least one episode. Undoubtedly, it would make a compelling story.

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