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Gina Kirschenheiter Accused Pushing Boyfriend Travis Mullen Down The Stairs!!


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Travis Mullen asked for immediate investigation over the incident. He alleged Gina Kirschenheiter for pushing him down the stairs. Gina Kirschenheiter is his present girlfriend.

On the other hand, Meghan Mullen, ex-wife of Travis Mullen accused Travis Mullen of domestic violence. When Travis Mullen accused his ex-wife of keeping his children from him, Meghan Mullen reacted with a shocking allegation.

What Did Mughan Mullen Say About Her Ex-Husband Trivas Mullen?

According to the source, Mughan Mullen supported her husband in the emergency investigation. She said that she has three children. That’s why she is concerned about the health, safety, and welfare of her children.

Gina Kirschenheiter Accused  Pushing Boyfriend Travis Mullen Down The Stairs!!

She continued that their three children are witnesses of domestic violence. In April, children saw altercations between Travis Mullen and his girlfriend Gina kirschenheiter. When she went for an investigation she said she heard loud noises late at night.

What Did Mughan Mullen Say Regarding The Incident Between Travis Mullen And Gina kirschenheiter?

Meghan said in the court documents that Travis Mullen and Gina were arguing about her drinking habit. Later the argument went into violence. The three children of Mughan and Travis witnessed Gina push Travis down the stairs.

The head was banged on the wall. She claimed that the children heard the sound of their argument and banging from the room they were all huddled in. children came and said all these to her. Children repeatedly told her about the incident.

What Did Mughan Mullen Say About Her Ex-Husband Trivas Mullen

Meghan wrote in the documents that during their argument she suggested that they can call the police or her if things go wrong.  She also told her ex that they needed to talk but Travis did not respond to her. She is concerned about the environment as her children often went to visit their father’s residence.

On that day the kids were in constant fear and walking on eggshells. She alleged that her kids were not supervised adequately in their father’s house. The kids said to her that their father and Gina often locked themselves in a room while the kids were told to play or entertain on an iPad.

How Did Gina Kirschenheiter Respond To The Allegations?

One after another allegations are coming against Gina kirschenheiter. Travis said that his girlfriend Gina Kirschenheiter physically assaulted him on 1st October. Gina told that she did not.  Meghan said the allegation that Travis brought against her is false.

According to the allegations Mughan deliberately kept the kids away from their father. After finalizing their divorce, Travis did not even see the kids since the 8th of May. Travis and Gina often argued over the matter of the kid’s custody.

Gina kirschenheiter is a mother of three children with her ex-husband Matthew kirschenheiter. Travis and Gina both have three kids from their past marriage.

Meghan said that she bought cell phones for her kids so that they can call her whenever they need her. But Travis did not allow them with the phones in his house. Meghan stated that she believes that the case needs immediate investigation. 


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