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“Gift” to Erdogan – Biden finished Eastmead from 2015-2017 – Revelations


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The non-paper allegedly sent by its officials and technicians has been under discussion in recent days. State Department To Eastmet Pipeline shareholders, they disclosed their bookings regarding the construction of the project.


The unofficial document is said to have been handed over to Greece, Cyprus, Israel, Egypt and EU officials.

In doing so, Washington effectively proposes to abandon the plan for the pipeline.

The reasons the US has to put forward are related to economic and environmental factors, but the main thing is that it is blindly turning Turkey in favor of abandoning the project because of the tensions it is causing in the eastern Mediterranean.

Article by in.gr

However, Data published by in.gr since June 2019, The US “gift” to Erdogan is not new, but is subject to the 2015-2017 period and was presented to the Turkish president by then-Vice President Obama Joe Biden.

This is a map of the US Department of Energy (Bureau of Energy Resources) released by the website Mc Clatchy DC, which provides deposits in the eastern Mediterranean around Cyprus and their development infrastructure.

During the 2015-2017 Cyprus talks, the map revealed in the statements of Amos Hoxstein, the former Foreign Ministry Special Coordinator for Cyprus and Israel and Lebanon, was personally presented to Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan.

The map shows possible gas extraction routes in the area. One of them is particularly impressive, starting from the Aphrodite deposit and extending via Cyprus to the southern coast of Turkey.

Map of US Question 1 for the Eastern Mediterranean

This pipeline is labeled “proposed” but does not specify who exactly proposed it.

At the same time, there is a pipeline starting from Leviathan deposits in Israel, crossing the Cyprus EEZ and ending in Alexandretta.

It captures Turkish claims

In addition, Turkish claims around Cyprus are printed on the basis of the requested continental shelf, as invited by Turkey.

Cyprus EEZ is not fully delivered, but only part of the border between Israel, Egypt and Lebanon.

Hawkstein revealed that the map was presented in person to Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan during the 2015-2017 Cyprus peace process and laid the foundation for reconciliation between Turkey and Israel following the Gaza crisis.

“The Lebanese have it, the Israelis have it, the Cypriots have it – it was a big interest,” he said.

This map was produced during the second round of licensing by Cyprus EEZ, and even before Exxon Mobil became involved, the inventions of Glafko and Kalypso were made by EMI.

Under John Pitton

According to the “architect” of the Amos Hoaxstein project, “there is a rare continuum between the Obama and Trump administrations. This map was originally created by state-owned cartographers and energy ambassadors who served under former Vice President Joe Biden.

Map 2: Following the Turkish-Libyan agreement, it was submitted to the UN

As a general idea, in an article on the Mc Clatchy DC website. President Donald Trump’s national security advisers (US President who released the map) are said to believe that the map also indirectly reflects the Middle East peace plan.

In October 2020, the website militaire.gr, The specific map and the publication of the Americans have been handled by the Greek website in.gr since 7/6/2019, however, without the consideration of any of the official agencies of the government, provided the relevant article. Cyprus and Greece protest or give some explanations.

The Eastern Med is nowhere to be found

He stressed that the Eastern Med, which was recently acknowledged by Israel, Greece and Cyprus, was nowhere to be found in this field.

The Turkish Continental Shelf and the EEZ have demarcated and demarcated the border between Greece and Egypt as far west as Cyprus and southern Egypt (claimed by the Turkish Continental Shelf), and up to the 28th meridian (half of the Rhodes) in the west.

Continental shelf claimed and approved by map, overlapping (approximately half) of the defined layers of Cyprus EEZ in its southwestern part (layers 4,5,6 and 7).

Map-3: Presentation by Turkish Ambassador agatay Erciyes (Director-General for Bilateral Political and Maritime-Air-Air-Border Affairs, MFA) on 26/05/19

The Greek archipelago of Castellorizo ​​is nowhere to be found, while this area is recorded on the Turkish continental shelf.

The influence of Turkey’s mainland in the eastern Mediterranean is recognized because it reflected more than 80% of the recent Turkey-Libya memorandum.

They are used when they try it

As militaire.gr points out, as most non-experts feel, this is not a violation of the sovereign rights of Cyprus and Greece, but essentially a recognition of the state affairs of the two countries. As if they were not there.

Greece and Cyprus are used as a venue, mainly to serve the interests of the energy and geopolitical strategy of the United States and the West, with the gift of the EU towards Russia, and Turkey’s control of the Western Alliance. And its control over the Middle East and the Eastern Mediterranean.

Map-4: Comparison of Map 3 [κόκκινο] And “Turkish Cyprus” [ροζ] Continental shelf for clarity), and the boundaries of Map 2 (by deleting other elements), in Map 1 (by deleting note)

The charter in question is not the old American design that justifies a change in its geopolitical support.

On the contrary, as mentioned, it was planned for 2015-17 and was classified only in June 2019, seven months before the final agreement with the East Med, and the pipeline has already been agreed, three months before the arrival of Pompeo – Tsipras in Jerusalem! (March 2019).

Turkey’s policy and its claims are already known and used in the field, adds militaire.gr.

“Cooperative” view

In January 2022, his post slpress.gr, Citing the same map, the Americans re-establish the scene of “collective exploitation” not only in the EEZs of the two countries (Greece and Turkey) (which is logical), but throughout the eastern Mediterranean.

He points out that there are some prophetic contradictions in this map, because although it was designed for two to four years (period 2015-2017 or earlier according to Mc Clatchy DC) before the Turkish-Libyan Memorandum (November 27, 2019), it is the “Turkish Continental Shelf”. Shows in detail the so-called southeastern frontiers.

Map-5: Continuous illegal Turkish Navtex 0977/20 (pink), 1085/20 (red), 1093/20 (green), 1262/20 (yellow), 1314/20 (orange), 1332/20 (white set) Includes the first four Navtex) for Oruc Reis research. Greco-Egyptian demarcation of the EEZ with a yellow line (A, B, D, C, E)

These were submitted to the UN on March 18, 2020 (Map 2), part of which was released ten months ago (May 26, 2019) in a presentation by Turkish Ambassador Çagatay Erciyes (Director General of Bilateral Political and Maritime-Air Transport-Border). Issues, MFA) with TPAO study / mining layers (Figure 3). The boundary identification is confirmed in Figure 4 obtained by comparing Maps 3, 2 and 1.

Illegal Turkish Navtex

The second “contradiction” includes the western boundary of its “Turkish maritime zones” south (west) of the all-illegal Turkish Navtex and Magisti complex (Map 5) east of the Rhodes for Org Reyes investigations. Of the State Department.

This is confirmed in Figure 6, which is obtained by comparing Figure 1 with Figure 5.

The third “contradiction” is the Greco-Egyptian territorial demarcation of the EEZ (yellow line A, B, D, C, E on Figure 6), signed on 06 August 2020 and ending at point A just before the western boundary. The map of the State Department would say “Turkish maritime zone”.

For strong solutions

The website slpress.gr also asked the following “questions for robust solutions”:

Why does Map 3, published by Turkish Ambassador agatay Erciyes, accept the limitations of the Foreign Office map (Map-1) in the earlier period?

Map-6: Comparison of Foreign Office Map 1 (deleted for clarity) with Oreg Reyes’ illegal Turkish Navtex investigations and the Greco-Egyptian delimitation of the EEZ (A, E), D;

Why do Turkish Navtex trials with Oruc Reis, while illegal, come exclusively within the boundaries of the Foreign Office map and fully respect the EEZ’s Greco-Egyptian demarcation?

Why does the eastern boundary of the EEZ’s Greco-Egyptian boundary line coincide with the western boundary of the State Department map and Oruc Reis’ Navtex Studies (Map-6)?

Aside from the “disagreement” of the committees submitted to the UN under the Turkish-Libyan Memorandum, why did Greece and Turkey not deviate from the rules of the Foreign Office map (points D, E, F, G on Figure 4) entering the 28th meridian “in violation” of the State Department map? What?

Was the completely non-existent Turkish-Libyan memorandum introduced as a diplomatic “exchange” for the so-called “withdrawal” of the final Greco-Turkish agreement?

Link of Occupiers

Same website slpress.gr, In another article in November 2020, re-focused on the questionable map, which shows some details related to rumors about annexing the occupied territories.

In particular, in Map 2 and the Ocean regions of occupied Cyprus (red shadow), no arrangement was made for the Agialitis zone (sic). That is, “potential EEZ” starts directly from the ground, in violation of any reading of the law of the sea (see descriptive map of ocean regions).

Descriptive map of ocean zones

It is noteworthy that the map provides a coastal zone in other areas (other than this), sometimes in variable range, to prevent opponents of the notion that the Biden map is a shelf (starting from the base) and not the EEZ.

Map-7: Biden map with a red shade of the northern part of the “potential EEZ” of the occupied territories, and an imaginary walkway / bridge in a yellow circle, connecting it with the coast / baseline of the mainland of Turkey.

It is pointed out that all subsequent related maps published by Turkey accept the same rule for the maritime zones of the occupied territories as can be seen in Map-3.

In addition, Map-7 shows a possible EEZ of the invaders, an imaginary walkway / bridge (yellow circle) beginning east of Taşucu Bay and extending south along the Yedikonuk coast.


With this in mind, the first question that arises is why there is no regional sea in occupied Cyprus, and it seems to have “integrated” its potential EEZ with the mainland of Turkey via the corridor connecting the Ecumenical (Yellow Circle) coast with the Gulf of Tsuku. Map-7);

Is this bizarre prediction of the State Department that created the map (and we assume it told the Foreign Office in one way or another) a precautionary measure to annex the occupied territories?

It is well known that Turkey has always focused on covering up its actions with legitimacy, and that is what is presented here.


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